Thursday, 30 April 2015

What To Wear: Lunch Date

Hey Fashion Lovers!

I know by now you all know my style of mixing different prints and colours, but today I bring you a different story of  building your outfit in an unique way. Read on to find out more.

The outfit is pulled together and accessorised considering what to wear on a coffee date or casual lunch date with someone special. We have all heard the same boring advice that LBD or a dress is best for any date, but today I show you how to break out of choosing the same outfit option over and over again. 

For the most dramatic entrance think of starting with an edgy shoe.... How about animal print loafers?

Go for accessories now. Don't reach for the dress yet. Decide on what accessory you would go for. I went for edgy cocktail ring which is on my thumb and went for this unique yellow bracelet.

How about going for metallic in the daytime? I thought of having one metallic item in my outfit, the envelope bag!

Next step is to ponder about your you have any signature style..... I would go for a messy bun for a luch date. What about you?

Mixing same textures is fun. I went for red and white embroidered top with forest green embroidered  midi skirt adorn with shimmery beads.

Finishing touch? Sunglasses!!! Whether it's square or round frame, it definitely is one of the most best option for a date. Don't you think? However make sure it suits your face structure and style.

Hope you like my ootd and let me know what you think about today's post.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fashion Tip: Floral Skirt + Zip Up Shirt + Stripe Bag

Hey Fashion lovers!

These pictures were taken two weeks before and here I am posting it after sleeping for 13 hours and journeying for 19 hours by plane. 

This skirt is from Fairweather, Canada and the zip up shirt is from Suzy Sheer, Canada. The silver stiletto is from Shimmer Shoes, Bangladesh.

So today's fashion tip is: floral skirt + zip up shirt + stripe bag

Check out my photos below and read the fashion tips. I hope you will like it and let me know what you think about my outfit and the photos.

A black and white stripe bag can't go wrong with another classic print like floral print skirt.

Loose waves in the evening is the hairstyle that cannot go wrong.

Go for this particular 90s trend, mix up white and silver. 
I went for White shirt and silver hoop earrings.

High heels always upgrades your look. But there is something sexy about having both ankle strap and stiletto heels.
Colour combo to try: White + Silver + Black + Red.

Hope you like today's post and comment on today's outfit and tell me about your ootd.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Travel In Style

Hey Fashionholics!

I am back in Toronto and I feel it would be difficult for me to adjust for some time since I was living in a warm country, Bangladesh. It is still cold out there with minimum 4 degrees and maximum of 11 degrees Celsius. The temperature is going to increase in the next couple of days...phew...welcome summer.

These are the photos taken at the airport just before boarding. Hope you guys like my travel outfit which feels comfortable yet stylish.

Read on to know more about my outfit in details.

1. I tend to go for bigger bucket bag in basic colours with lots of compartments and pockets every time I travel. This is because a big bag in necessary while traveling to carry all the required documents,passport and boarding pass, pen, lipstick,deodorant etc. it's also better to choose colours like black cause it literally goes with everything and so the colour is said to be universal.
My bag is from Kohls and the brand is Seinna Richi.

2.  Layering is must when I am traveling since the airports are cold and I don't want to freeze to death. I usually go for longer ones that cover my knee. Want to travel in style? Choose a printed sleeveless summer coat (if you are travelling during end of spring or start of summer) that has A-line shapped at the bottom.
The dressy coat is from Lotus , Bankok and the brand is FnF.

3. It is absolutely necessary to feel comfortable in what you are wearing especially at the airports. If there is  a long journey ahead the clothes must feel comfortable like being born in them and at the same make a statement by choosing something that stands out from the crowd. Culottes and crop top are cute and comfy. Crop top is the most trendiest item of last three seasons and culotte being the most favourite trend of  springs/summer 2015, I thougt of trying this combination of old trend (crop top) and new trend (culotte) out while traveling. And I must say I love what I am wearing!
The colour block crop top is from Urban Planet and the culotte are from the streets of London.

4.  Forgot sneakers go for loafers the next time you guys are travelling. If I have to define this particular shoe it would be: you can walk around all day long comfortably and stylishly! My black and white zebra print leather loafers are super comfy and matches  perfectly with my dressy coat. Want a style tip for today? Match your summer coat with your shoe.
The loafers are from Hush Puppies.

I finished off my look with pearl bracelet and a small ruby pendant, and with little bit of lip gloss I was good to go. 

Anyways let me know whether you like my latest post and outfits and please comment about how you would travel in style.

Eager to hear from you guys soon...

Look Of The Week: Beach Wedding

Hey Fashionholics!

Look of the week is here and just like every Saturday, this Saturday I brought some fun way to tackle your outfit dilemmas. Since it's hot out there and you are sure to throw or receive lots of party invitation, it's better to note down some last minute outfit ideas or any other wardrobe and style tips from your favourite site. I would suggest Instyle and Who What Wear since they are the best at giving the most unique and mind blowing fashion tips you can ever think of.....

So, fashion lovers what are your plan this summer? Summer is all about beaches, rides and fun at the pool parties and its also the best time for wedding.

So, Today my "look of the week" is .....drumroll....drumroll.....beach wedding.

Got any wedding invitation yet? This summer if you are invited to any beach wedding go for a long sleeve short number and add unique accessories.

Read on to know more about this look.
Check out my tips to be the most unique and stylish wedding guest of summer.

1. While there would be many who would choose halter and strapless dresses in knee length, try a mini dress instead with long sleeve.
2. The more crazy prints the better. But do not overdo it. Go for a statement making printed dress like this Zara mini dress with long sleeves.
3. Cocktail ring sets look cool with anything, try something like this aquamarine or blue if you want to create a perfect match with the setting.
4. Head bands are not only super cute but keeps your hair away from your face. For a windy beach night wedding choose something like the one above.
5. I love clutches that are unique and goes with your dress. Have fun with accessories this summer season by going for something that matches your outfit. Notice both the dress and clutch print looks similar.
6. However both the clutch and the dress have contrasting colour (black and white).....and similar size prints definitely makes the outfit look spectacular.
7. It's ok to go for white even if you are not the bride. The trick is to go for fun prints and embellishments.
8. Flats are for the beach since there might be the possiblility of music and dance all night....I suggest going for metallic flats like the Zara one above.

So, these are the tips for looking your best at the beach wedding without looking better than the bride!!! 

So, let me know what you think about my tips and also let me know in the comments if you want to add any of your tips to this short list.

Hope to hear from you soon and stay tuned coz next week would be another fabulous "look of the week" helping you with the best outfit solution.


Friday, 24 April 2015

Fashion Revolution: Who Made My Clothes?

Hi Fashion Lovers! Do you know who made your clothes.....? Do you know the brand name?

 24 th April is Fashion Revolution Day . On 24 April 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 people were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in my city Dhaka, Bangladesh.Such social plus environmental catastrophic situation continues and its high time we need to change the scenario. 

On Fashion Revolution day, I, Qazi Fabia Hoq would like to honour all the people who died in the tragic death of Rana Plaza Plaza Factory collapse.

Today, on fashion revolution day, I know the brands behind my outfit and accessories. So, today I wore a shift tops with gorgeous neckline from Catseye, Bangladesh. Black maxi skirt from George, Walmart. Ivory studded wedges from Khadim, India. Stacked bracelets from, Call It Spring, Canada.

Just like every other today I have my very own fashion tips to share with you guys.

Fashion Lessons to follow from my today's ootd are as follows:

1. Fashion Tip: shift top + maxi skirt + statement wedges + stack of bracelet.

2. Mix And Match: Go for tops or shirt with gorgeous neckline and finish the look with stack of bracelet for a night out instead of lots of chunky accessories.

3. Colour Combo: Ivory shoe + blush bag 

4. Hairstyle Tip: Wavy lob hair that falls loosely on either of your shoulders.

Check out my photos below.

Let me know what you think of today's ootd.....and let me know what brands are your favourite and who made your clothes you are wearing?

Let's support Fashion Revolution together and change the fashion industry for good.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Fashion Lessons From: Blake Lively ( 1 Day 10 Outfits)

Hey Fashionholics!

Just like me I  am sure all of you guys are excited to watch "The Age of Adaline" releasing this 24th April. Well, Recently the blonde bombshell, Blake Lively was seen attending shows and press conference to promote her movie and she was spotted in not one or two ....but record breaking 10 different looks in one day. 

Well, I love all of them, here are fashion tips and mix and match lessons to learn from her. 
Check out the photos to know more in details.

A matching coat and dress doesn't have to be gaudy, it can be bright and fabulous if you are toning the whole outfit down with your basic pump and middle part pony tail.

I always loved pink and black combination. Here the whole outfit is trying to make her look leaner. It's because she choosed a wrap dress with vertical stripes at the front. 

Fashion trick to learn from this look: Matching sets + wavy hair

Colour blocking other colours with black gives the illusion of greater height. Ditch your printed maxi and go for vertical colour blocking stripe maxi this summer while attending beach parties.

A brown dress looks great with black pump and white accessories.

A Cinderalla moment for every girl is a must. Go for off the shoulder full dress with stack of pearl and white or metallic shoe for a Cinderalla inspired look.

For you next purchase of LBD go for golden or silver details in your dress.

Fashion Forward Trick= crazy print set + messy bun + lace up sandal. This look is best for cocktail parties.

Check on checks are seen on many bloggers and models all over the world. Try this look with earthy tones and greys instead to make your outfit stand out among sea of crowds.

I can point out 2 fashion tip from last and my most favourite look. The first one is the green, white and red combo which is a great combination. The second one is a new jumpsuit trend to follow this's tropical jumpsuit!!!...go for a strapless one and finish the look with dangling earrings for a night out in town.

Let me know which one is your favourite look among the 10 looks. Let me know which fashion tips you would like to try.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fashion Tip: Shirt Dress + Platform Heels + Maxi Skirt + Side-part Ponytail

Hey Fashionholics!

Last weekend It was a busy time with my cousin who came all the way from Chittagong to Dhaka to visit me since I am leaving my home country, Bangladesh this Friday and going back to my country Canada. 

So, the day was spent in a rooftop garden with cousins followed by dinner with family afterwards.

Check out the pictures below.

Usually I wear this printed orange shirtdress with gladiator flats, scarves and shades. However I  was bored of wearing my shirtdress from Catseye of Bangladesh in a bohemian style and thought of tucking this beautiful printed orange mini shirtdress in this black maxi skirt making it look a bit classier.

I matched my pearl and blue net bracelet with my blue and white platform sandals. Matchy matchy is not gone yet!!!

My Versace metallic bag in soft material is perfect for night out, it's simple and classy. So, go for clutches in soft material rather than the usual hard ones like box clutches this summer. 

Aldo has perfect dangling earrings which is acceptable in occasions such as night out with friends, date night or dinner with family and relatives. I went for this black and gold pair which shines bright and looks great with my orange shirtdress.

Side part ponytail is my favourite hairstyle now and it looks great with longer dangling earrings.

Let me know what you think of this ootd post and whether you would ever try this style. If you have any Fashion tips to offer contact me and I hope I would hear from you soon.


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mix And Match: Handkerchief Print + Floral Print

Hey Fashionholics!

If you have to mix two different prints in your outfit what would you choose?

Well, today I went for handkerchief print top and floral stud earrings.

absolutely adore my handkerchief print top bought from a store called Artisan of Bangladesh. I wanted to make it stand out and thought of going for something dark in the bottom.

So, today my ootd includes my new handkerchief print top, tights, mustard shoe and navy blue peplum skirt. I kept the whole look simple by adding only one statement accessory, my floral print ear stud! 

Check out my look below and please comment.

Fashion Tip: pink + navy + mustard

Fashion Tip: handkerchief print + floral print

Fashion Tip: ballerina style pump + peplum 

Let me know what you think about my outfit above and whether you would mix these two prints or not.

 Hope to hear from you soon.


Friday, 17 April 2015

Look Of The Week: Rush Hour

Hi, fashion lovers!

What's your look of the week? 

As promised I decided to bring my "look of the week" every Saturday and talk about the best way to achieve and steal the look.....

So, today I thought of bringing you something that you face atleast 5 days a week. The look is for those who are currently working, or in 9 to 5 job, or in a formal office and you have to wake up early in the morning to finish your morning task and get ready as fast as you could to reach your work place. It's for all those busy moms, wives, sister, daughters and all those women who get little or maybe no time to dress up appropriately or in a stylish way.

So, The look of the week is.........Rush Hour....or more appropriately I must say that this week's look is to help you dress up when you are in a rush to get out of your house.

Something you need to remind yourself is to plan ahead your outfit and if otherwise you didn't plan yours; go for those items that fit perfectly when you are in a rush. 

Before you check out the list of dos and don't of dressing up when you are in a rush, here are a few of wardrobe staples every women must possess in their closet:  

1. Fitted tailored shirt in solid and basic colours
2. Tailored shirt in different colours, prints, patterns and texture.
3. Feminine blouse to dress up your office appropriate skirt.
4. Plain T-shirt to wear underneath your classic blazer.
5. Knee-length dresses ( the hemline cuts just at the knee which is both appropriate for petite and tall)
6. Midi dresses
7. Pencil skirt in solid and basic colours
8. Pencil Skirt in different colours, prints, patterns and texture.
9. Tailored Blazer in basic colours
10. Tailored blazer in prints and bright colour
11. Cute cardigan/Tailored Sweater
12. Leather Jacket
13. Suit in solid and basic colours 
14. Monochromic ensemble 
15. Watch
16. Statement necklace
17. Hoop earrings
18. Little black dress
19. Red Lipstick
20. Trench Coat
21. Black Pump shoe
22. Wedges
23. Platform Heels
24. Mascara
25. Perfume
26. Straight leg jeans
27. Skinny Jeans
28. Nice cuff or bracelets
29. Nice Functional yet stylish bag
30. Few trendy items

However when you have only five minutes to get ready and get out of your door, you tend to choose the wrong clothes for yourself.

Here is what to avoid when you are in a rush: 

1. Trends that you have never tried
2. Too much tight fitted outfit
3. Too much of slouchy trend is a big no no....
4. earrings that are shoulder length 
5. Flashy or shiny outfit
6. Heels which you are not comfortable with 
7. Too small bags or clutch
8. Too much makeup 

Here is what to opt for when you are in a rush: 

1. Nicely Fitted clothes
2. Stretchable pencil skirt or jeans
3. Bags that are easy to carry and has both shorter and longer satchel
4. Comfortable shirt or blouse
5. Only one statement accessories 
6. Your favourite comfortable could be wedges or platform heels.

Here is my look of the week.... Read on to know more about this outfit.

Vertical Striped shirt looks great for petite and makes you look leaner and longer.

 If you want to wear less accessories go for print on print look. 

Choose a printed stretchable pencil skirt for your work attire if you want to feel comfortable yet stylish. Avoid full skirt or A-line if your workplace is a conservative one. 

To walk around comfortably avoid stilettos and opt for platform or wedges.
Invest in medium size functional bag that had both long or short satchel or go for longer satchel.

Finish off your look with either statement necklace or cuff.

Your makeup should be minimal. Therefore mascara and your favourite lipstick are sufficient.

So, this is my look of the week. Let me know what would you wear when you are in a rush. And also let me know whether you like this week's 'look of the week'. 


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Mix And Match: Kimono + Palazzo

Hey Fashion lovers!

How it's going? My outfit of the day is kimono and palazzo and I finished my look with 3D flower necklace.

I am not a very big fan of palazzo but I am a big fan of this shade of blue which looks great with many colours especially black and white. So, I decided to wear this bright cobalt palazzo I bought very recently with one of my old favourite black and white printed kimono top.

Read on to know how I mixed and matched my look.

I tend to shy away from big prints coz I am heavier at the top, but recently I started experimenting them with different cuts and style. So, I went for not so large kimono sleeve and V-neck which makes my outfit look better.

It reminds me of end of winter and start of spring....This necklace is one of my favourite and it blends with the whole look without making me look bulky.

I love mixing large prints like this with basic prints like stripe. Want a fashion forward look? Go for separate items in same colour combination but different patterns and texture. 

I tend to carry bulky bags like this....rather than carrying it under my arm because I want to draw attention to lower parts of my body which is slimmer compared to my top half. This is also one of the reason I balanced this kimono top with a bright cobalt blue palazzo which also draws attention towards my leg.

Let me know what you think about my outfit of the day? Do you ever want to try kimono and palazzo together. Let me know how would you wear it in the comments section below ...


Monday, 13 April 2015

Fashion Tips From: MTV Movie Award 2015

Hi, all the Fashionholics!

It's hard for me to choose only one best dressed celeb among these 12 beautiful celebrities and so I though of blogging about the best fashion tips to follow from MTV Movie Award 2015.

If I have to choose the best dressed it would not be one but couple of celebrities would top the list. So, here are my top 12 best dressed celebrities and read on to steal the best fashion tips from them.

From Victoria Justice: pink + black + silver

From Scarlet Johanson: long sleeve + bright jumpsuit + contrasting box clutch + drop earrings

From Cara Delevingne: Drapes + lace + poet style sleeves

From Jennifer Lopez: mini skirt + tuxedo + head to toe black + multiple cocktail rings

From Greer Grammer: flower power + black + pony tail

From Spencer Grammer: light and breezy + nude sandal + soft florals + flower hair clip 

From Willow Shields: body con dress + knee length + loose waves

From Bella Thorn: cobalt printed dress + cobalt stiletto + pink clutch 

From Brittany Snow: pink + red + middle part hairstyle + box clutch

From Emily Ratajkowsky: peekaboo + embellishments + black heels 

From Holland Roden: kimono style sleeve + 3D flowers + bright shoe + Peter Pan collar 

From Farrah Abraham: Head to toe silver + loose curls + drop earrings

So, these 12 celebrities were my favourite best dressed celeb who perfectly managed to look the best. Who made it to your best dressed list? Who was your favourite? Let me know in the comments which fashion tip you liked the most and you would love to try.

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