Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Earthy Can Be Fun

There  are lot of times I have attempted wearing earthy tones but every time I feel like I am just blending in with the crowd and feel like it is not fashion forward! I am usually not seen in earthy tones and feel it's a shame that I am not following the most basic trend of all time. However I also feel that going for earthy tones can be a bit risky since there is a chance of making your outfit look way too boring! When I say boring...I mean it! Suppose you are thinking of spending your day with friends and you think of wearing earthy colours. So what do you choose? brown pencil skirt (first earthy staple) , blue stripe off the shoulder top (trend of the season), caramel bag (second earthy staple) , brown suede statement heels (third earthy staple), statement choker necklace (a statement making piece) ..... There might not be anything wrong with your outfit especially when you are flaunting those off the shoulder top and statement choker. But don't you feel you need to make a statement with earthy tone staples instead of with the trendy and statement making pieces? 

But let's say you disagree with me and want to dress up your earthy tone staples with statement making piece. Even if you dress up your earthy tones staples, say brown dress, how would you make people to look at the outfit instead of statement making accessories?  In that case it is your accessories and trendy items that are doing the trick every time! That's great because A Fashionholic's Life have always stated that "it's the accessories which plays the trick"! But don't you feel you need to give your favourite earthy staple a break and choose something out of the box?

Fear not! 

A Fashionholic's Life is here to help you with tips on how to shop for earthy pieces!

Here are the shopping and styling tips

Look for unique prints and patterns!

Go for something eye catching and shimmery! Here I opted for shimmery pattern top.

Play with different textures! I opted for lace flared pants

Stick to the basic rule.....Go for statement making and eye catching accessories in similar colours and patterns to complete the outfit

Go for similar silhouette instead of contrasting ones to make a statement! Go for boxy top and flare pant or opt for fitted top and skinny pants...

Patchwork or any other unique print always makes a statement! 

Go for one dark and one light colour earthy tone staples ! This always works no matter how you style it!

Shop similar styles below

Do you have any unique earthy staples in your closet?

How do you wear it?

Friday, 24 June 2016

Hold On To Culottes!

Just when you thought that culottes are out of fashion you came across a pair of blush pink culottes which is no doubt a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe! It happens to me, u and everyone, right? I mean, culottes seems to looks perfect, timeless and trendy at the same time even though the trend is 3 seasons old! Many of the fashion experts and stylist are now on the hunt for new IT pants! Recently many of the magazines stated that skinny is coming back and might replace culottes! I say, it's good that skinny is coming back I would definitely hold on to my favourite pair of blush pink culottes from Forever 21. 

So, recently I wore my favourite pair of blush culottes and from my recent experience and experimentation with culottes I learned couple of things that I strictly believe are necessary for you to know!

Here is why I think you should hold on to culottes!

They look surprisingly new and fashion forward!!! Every time you wear this don't you feel happy and confident? Well, this happens to me! They make any boring separates fresh and surprisingly fashionable no matter how many times you wore them in past month!!

You always find new ways to wear them! Sometimes you feel like tucking your top in the culottes and sometimes you don't! Sometimes you feel like layering and sometimes you don't. So no matter how you want to style culottes, it looks great every time! The best part is there are so many way you can dress them up or down depending on your mood!

Here, I dressed it up with long window pane tunic top and made my outfit look put together by clinching a belt!


It requires creativity to accessorize and make your culottes look fresh!!! You love your favorite pair of solid culottes. don't you? So, how do to accessorize them? From my recent experience I found it hard to accessorize a culotte! I guess that's what happens to everyone when they accessorize their favourite staple!

So, here is how I struggled..........

"It looks great with an edgy backpack but I want my blush pink culottes to look feminine and sophisticated without looking way too girly or I am trying too hard !"

 So in that case I opted for floral clutch!

"Since it looks way too feminine now, I should wear something edgy" or should I go something menswear?"

A Loafer with tassel is perfect to balance the feminine look

 "I also want my culottes to match with a pair of accessory without looking matchy matchy"

I added a blush pink belt

" I thought I wanted an edgy look in the first place, why am I side tracked????"

I wore a leaf knuckle ring

" But what's missing? Yes....something that describes my style.....I think this would look great against the red colour design of my top"

"Coco Chanel advised to take off one accessory before leaving home"

Who cares? I added a polka dot bangle

........How Would You Accessorize Your Culottes?.....


It is the epitome of sophistication: It looks sophisticated and polished on everyone! I am sure you know that already!

You can just walk around like it's nobodies business! It's way to comfy and roomy and makes you feel laid back without forgoing your style. 

Parting away from it is unbearable! Sure, new trends are coming! But culottes are something that are close to your heart! It makes you feel great, look better and be more confident! Are you sure you do not want that beautiful pair of culottes which you have just spotted?

Shop Similar Styles Below

So, Why would you hold on to your culottes?

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Are We Going Back To 80s?

It seems like we are going backwards and welcoming old trends in a new way! 2016 was all about the 70s flare and 90s over-sized staple. It was a mixture of bohemian with cool and effortless style. Everything was way too over sized and had a flare, breezy and airy feel! Well, the 70s trend started from the end of 2014 and still continuing but this year the 70's trend was tried out with a twist. Trends of 90s like slip dress, oversized denim jacket and chokers were added to the flowy and bohemian style of 70s. But since couple of months the runway shows were moving on from the 70s and trying to bring back new silhouettes that were long forgotten. A fitted look with twist of 80s! Everything seems to be grungy, punk and dark for the fashion industry for couple of months!

I don't know whether it 's my misconception or not but I feel fashion world is turning in to more Gothic style and embracing the 80's nowadays! However recently  the 80's trend  is more refined and polished, compared to the laid back look that were adopted during  1980's. It's more sophisticated with a touch of grunge!

Did you notice that as well? 

Versace Resort 2017
The fitted  and more polished look was what Versace resort 2017 show adopted. Where the silhouttes were simple, sophisticated but the theme colour was black! Colourblock bags shoes and jackets were seen the most!

Tip:Go for monochromatic look by opting for head to toe black in clean shapes and silhouettes and add a colour block shoes!

Versace Resort 2017 
Versace Resort 2017

And how can we forget the leather? 80s were mostly known for oversized leather jacket and long leather coats!

Tip: Wear leather with pastel staples this year!

Beyonce at CDFA 2016
The 80's were all about shimmer, sequence and pinstripe suits and Beyonce combined the 80s trend recently at CDFA 2016.

Tip: You can ace this trend by keeping the jewelry minimal!

Olsen Twin At CDFA 2016

Long dramatic sleeves were embraced during and 80s and again we see them on trend!

Tip: Wear this trend with a shorter hemline and over the knee boots!

Dior Resort 2017 Show

Remember the puffy sleeves of 80s? They were recently seen at Dior Resort 2017 show!

Tip: Wear this puffy sleeves with slit skirt and 70s wedges!

Gucci Resort 2017 Show

The geeky chic trend just started recently after the Gucci Resort 2017 show and we are thankful that we can move from the bohemian trend and embrace the trend of early 80s.

Tip: Go for wide frame geeky glasses, pleated mini skirt and button down shirt and master the school girl look! Make it geeky chic yet edgy by throwing a biker jacket over your shoulder!

Gucci Resort 2017 Show

Is anyone excited to try the dark floral trends of 80s like you mean it?

Tip: Add them to your signature look and mix them with 70s ruffle!

Gucci Resort 2017 Show

The 80s were not only seen in clothes this Resort 2017 but also on makeup and accessories

Tip: Go for grunge look with edgy accessories, dark lipstick and wear them with 90s staple like oversized sweater and pajamas.

Gucci Resort 2017 Show

If you think animal prints and all the wild things were left out then you are definitely wrong! Most of the resort show portrayed their wild side with animal print faded and colour splattered denim and small frame sunglasses

Tip: Wear animal print top with 70s flare denim to bring a twist in your look.  Dont forget to add your small frame sunglasses!

Rachel Joe SS16
Fanny Packs of late 1980s are back!

 Tip: Wear them with your 70s staple like a bohemian white dress this year!

Source: The Fashion Court
Kirsten Stewart At Vanity Fair

Leather Pants and Red Lipstick is what you need to bring back the 80s trend

Tip: Follow Kirsten's cue by opting for structured jacket and messy hairstyle!

Are you excited to try 80's Fashion trend?

Shop 80's Trend Below

What do you think?

 Is 80's fashion trend replacing the long lasting 70's and 90's trend?

 Or do you think it's my misconception?

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Being Señorita!

I know I have been acting all weird and going crazy over the latest trend that is Spanish Influenced! It just looks way too romantic, feminine, joyous, trendy and fashion forward at the same time, so I cannot help it and thought I should recreate this look with Black And White! Yes you heard that right! I know Spanish style requires a lot of colours especially red. It also requires frills, ruffles, tiers etc. But you can give your outfit a little bit of Spanish touch and recreate them in your own way. Since personal style is important, I have recreated this trend and made it look feminine and experimental at the same time!

So here is what I thing you should have in your outfit to add a touch of Spanish Style and make it look fresh !

Even if the outfit is black and white, you need a bit of flare on your outfit to get in to the Spanish Vibe! Don't you agree?

Bored of ruffles? Why not play with your sleeves.... Go for bat wings, bell sleeves and Victorian sleeves to bring back the Spanish Influenced trend.

Fun accessories that has flowers, leafs and looks spectacular are the main element to transform your look to make it look Spanish.... I went for a asymmetric earrings, leaf knuckle ring, round bag ,red shoes and a flower hair clip.... 
Trust me it is not hard to wear flower on your hair, you can simply wear this without looking just need the perfect dress and accessories.

Maxi skirts are in this year and if you want to rock the Spanish Influenced trend like you mean it, then opt for something that has lot of flares at the bottom and goes past your ankle....

Add a bit of red! If your outfit is simple opt for something red! Red is sexy, fierce, attractive and has Spanish Vibe.....Here I opted for red shoes to make my outfit look refreshing.

So, how would you add this new trend to a simple outfit ? 

Let me know

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So, Would you love to be Senorita as well?

Love, Fabia

Monday, 13 June 2016

Unique Ways To Wear Slip Dress

Slip dress, a 90's simple fashion staple have always been comfortable to wear. You can just easily move around, relax and be flexible. It is something you just randomly pick from your closet without thinking and make them look effortlessly and perpetually stylish every time you are in a rush to go outside. It is a staple that is necessary in your wardrobe so that you are self assured and that you have a ray of hope when you feel you have nothing to wear.

If you are one of those who are tired of wearing slip dress and you feel you no longer need this in your life and that you should get rid of it; then I must say you should think again. Slip dresses are here to stay and not only for couple of seasons but for many years to come. So, why does A Fashionholic's Life believes that this fashion staple would not leave us so early? Firstly, 90's are back with a bang!  All the designer are obsessed over it and are bringing them back with new cuts, silhouettes, fabrics, patterns. Secondly, all the celebrities, models, bloggers and real women are styling them differently and setting a statement.Therefore it is the most favourite 90's staple among fashionholics who cleverly layers it to make it look fresh and unique. Thirdly, it never actually left us in the first place! It was always there! The only difference is before it was just a slip dress and now it is combination of slip dress and some other staples. It's a mismatch of different staples put together to create a unique look....

Check out these fashion tips and let me know which fashion tip is your favourite. 

Shop similar looks below

Wear slip dress with jeggings, belt and mules! Why not turn this 90's staple in to a long top....If you have slit slip dress, lucky you!

An over sized denim jacket works well with slip dress. Finish the look with large tote bag and loafers.

A fedora and a birkinstock would look great with slip dress during summer.... and you can also go for head to toe monochrome!

Denim Jacket + Berkinstock + Sunglasses + Slip Dress = Effortless and Stylish

Do you want to make it look classy but at the same time feel comfortable and look interesting! It is not that hard! Opt for blazer, sunglasses and flats

You just don't have to feel boring in a slip dress. Make it look preppy and cool by opting for button down shirt and uncuff the sleeves. Make your outfit cool by opting for sneakers!

When you are running errands but still need to look good, then your cardigan, sneakers and statement necklace are your best friend.

For fall opt for cute turtle neck sweaters  or go for slouchy sweaters over your slip dress and make it look ultra fashionable by wearing your over the knee boots.

Make your slip dress look edgy and fashionable by going for leather jackets, chokers and loafers.

Do you have a flowy and dressy slip dress that you usually wear at a casual party or at any dressy occasion. Make that slip dress look casual and make it a part of your daily wear by wearing a casual tee underneath.

The next time before leaving the house tie your shirt around your waist and make your slip dress look effortlessly chic with cross body bag, socks and ankle booties

Your long silk slip dress is not only reserved for the evening! Get them out on broad day light by wearing it over your button down shirt and ankle boots.

Slip Dress + Waist Coat + Long Necklace + Mini Statement Bag = Perfect For Fahionista

Wear a simple sweater over your slip dress and define your narrowest part of your body, that is ...waist with belt. Before you head out opt for fringe bag, edgy shoe and sunglasses.

Slip dress, a 90's staple can also look classic and sexy at the same time. The trick is to wrap a cashmere shawl around you. Better to go for candy colour shawl if you are opting for darker slip dress. Finish the look with lace up heels

If you have a printed slip dress which you have wore million times from wedding to Sunday Brunch, then redefine it by opting for leather jacket, colourblock shoes and chokers.

Which fashion tip do you love the most? 

Which one are you excited to try?

Shop Slip Dresses Here!

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