Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Where To Go Shopping This Summer: Garage

Hey Fashionlovers!

Schools and colleges are closed now and everyone is looking forward to this long vacation. This vacation update your wardrobe with fun and fabulous summer basics. By 'basic' I don't mean wardrobe basics but those basics that would help you relax, have fun and show off that perfect legs that you have toned to flaunt this summer!

If you love shorts, sun dresses, denims and tank top just like me............and are thinking of trying to update your look, then you are reading the most informative and fun blog post.

GARAGE is on fire this summer! Check out Garage clothing to get the best and affordable items you could ever think of.

Check out the must have items from Garage this summer and click the link to shop now!

Printed Maxi Skirt With Slits 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Review: Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses

Hey Everyone ! How are you doing?

Today I bring you a review post which I have been thinking of doing for a while. Finally after waiting for 1 month I got this contact lens from spooky eyes today.  In exchange for an honest review of spin blue contact lenses from spooky eyes I get to keep this gorgeous free product!

So, contact lenses are the best way to change your look for special occasion, Halloween or even for taking selfies! So, when I received this product my first thought was that I won't be able to put the lens on cause this is the first time I am experimenting with contact lens. However I have grown seeing my elder sister experimenting with coloured contact lens. So, I recieve this Dream Eyes contact lens box and opened the seal to find this gorgeous looking contact lens.... This was my first time and I was kind of nervous that I would poke my eye or something. With little help of my sister who constantly gave me instructions on how to put them on I finally managed to put them on after half an hour of standing infront of mirror.

If you are thinking of putting them on for the first time like me I would better suggest that you go for this product....I know it took me a lot of time to put on the lens but it was worth it in the end. There was no feeling of discomfort, itching, puffiness or anything that would put myself in danger. Plus I think it looks great even though there was no make up on! 

However I felt that the contact lenses looked a bit bigger than the regular natural contact lenses 

I love this and going to keep this Spin Blue Contact Lenses for five reasons:

1) They changed the way I look
2) They are great for Halloween 
3) I can take them off easily even though putting them on was a difficult task for me
4) Made my small eyes look bigger
5) They look great without make up 

Check out the pictures below! Let me know whether you would buy this Spin Blue Contact Lenses from Spooky Eyes ..... Do you like this contact lenses on me? and let me know whether you liked today's post.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Must-Have Statement Necklaces From Lyla Loves

Hello, Fashion lovers! Today I bring you my wish list post from Lyla Loves , a trendy and unique brand from United Kingdom. They have the most unique statement necklaces, bracelets and phone cases. What I love about this brand is that you get fashion forward accessories at a very cheap price!

 Check out the must-have statement necklaces for every fashionistas at every occasion and for more unique and fashionable accessories visit http://www.lylaloves.co.uk/

1. Tribal Princess: Tribal trend has been everywhere from necklaces to shoes, from dresses to bags and are in vogue for couple of seasons. This would look great with anything white making the accessories to stand out and would look great with square, sweetheart or strapless necklines.
Gold And Blue Feather Statement Necklaces for $16.00

How to wear: spaghetti strap white dress+ feather necklace from Lyla Loves+ mules sandal

2. Trend Lover : For trend lovers who always stay fashion forward by going for latest trends and opting daring accessories blue and chocolate statement necklace is a perfect one.

Blue And Chocolate Statement Necklace for $8

How to wear: off the shoulder top + jeweled box clutch+ pastel shorts + Blue And Chocolate Statement Necklace

3. Edgy Fashionista: Gun metal tassel and charm necklace is perfect for hard rock musical event. Wear it with scoop neckline, bright colour and animal print.

How to wear: Gun metal tassel and charm necklace + short dress + chunky heels+ animal print

4. Classic Fashionholics: Clean silhouette, big sunglasses and attitude are the three main elements for all those classic yet modern fashionistas who loves timeless fashion. 

For only 12.80 make this cream and  crystal statement necklace is a must-have date night accessory.

How to wear: Straight cut dress+ cream and crystal statement necklace+ big sunglass+ statement shoe

5. The Maverick: If one has independence of thought and action and have unique sense of style bright neon statement necklace this unique would brighten up any outfit. Best neckline for this statement necklace would be scoop neck, turtleneck or any high neckline.

Bright Neon Statement Necklace for $8.00

How to wear: mismatched metallic accessories+ bright neon statement necklace+ slouchy top

6.  Party Lover: For a sexy look and great night out in town multicoloured statement necklace is one of my favourite.

How to wear: A-line dress + pointy toe pump+ statement box clutch + multicoloured statement necklace 

These are my wish list for this summer. Let me know which one is your favorite and how you would wear it. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Colour Combo: Peach + White + Red + Brown

Hello, Fashion lovers! Summer is officially here and I am more excited than ever because this year I got more of spring weather than sunny and warm weather. So, this pictures were taken last week before the start of warm, hot and humid season.

Check out the pictures and let me know what you think about today's fashion tips.

Summer is all about vibrant colours, white and pastels and with that in mind I came up with a new colour combo to follow this summer: peach+red+white+brown 
I added a fall colour, brown as well to my perfect summer colour combination look to experiment.

I wanted to make my look feminine and modern and therefore I made sure there are cute elements to my outfit: tiered top and bow shoe lace.

To protect myself from wind I wore my brown cardigan keeping the front open. I went for something dark at the top for a slimming effect.

As for accessories I went for something glitzy to match the buttons of my cardigan.

Let me know what you like and dislike about today's post, hoping to hear from you soon.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Trend Alert: Dress Over Skinny Jeans

Hey Fashion lovers! I love summer with lots of sunshine, icecream truck and street foods popping at every street corner. It was sunny and beautiful outside but the weather turned colder in evening. So, today it was an exhausting day because I rode 2 subway trains and 2 buses. I am finally able to reach home safe and sound even though there was huge number of people on my ride back to home. So, all these hassle was for my doctor's appointment which I had completely forgotten. It's good that I have a sister with great memory and who notes down every important dates. So, it was 18 degree and my black and pastel assymetric dress seemed to look perfect for this summer season. I wanted to put on a leggings or tights underneath but as I was in a hurry it became hard for me to search for my favourite leather leggings. I saw this American Eagle Skinny Jeans lying idly on the wardrobe and thought why not give this old favourite a try.

As I knew the weather would turn chiller after evening, I went for this navy blue blazer which matched with my skinny jeans. The next thing I did was grab a wedge and long strand of necklace.I think long strands works well with cowl or scoop necklines. As I was in a rush I reached for big bags with lots of space and when I have nothing to wear as accessories I go for my all time favourite black bag and studded wedges.

These are my today's picture, check out my outfit of the day and let me know what you think. Also let me know whether you like this dress over skinny trend.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Head To Toe Purple

Purple symbolises nobility and today I went for head to toe purple. It was just like any other day and it's been a long time I don't wear knee length dresses. So, the first thing that I picked out from my messy wardrobe was a purple dress with drapes near its waist.

Here are 6 reasons to love a purple knee length dress.

It is elegant and the colour makes anyone standout. No matter what your skin colour is this shade of purple is a striking colour. It is mostly suited for people who are brown to dark skinned.

It surprisingly makes bright accessories to stand out.  What I did was add an element of surprise to my purple dress: statement long necklace.

It doesn't require putting much effort. I decided to apply no make up and only lip balm. It worked wonderfully. The colour grabs the attention and so less attention is given to your face.

You can go for matchy shoes. I went for matchy shoes knowing that it wouldn't look trashy. Matching accessories are hard to pull off and it takes a lot of guts to go for this trend. However this shades of purple in solid colour keeps you safe and fabulous.

Knee length is perfect length and you can get away with this length from church to groceries, to date to parties and almost everywhere.

Solid purple colour gives you confidence and you can go for mismatched accessories. A rich colour like this one had boost my confidence and I went for silver cuff and antique bracelet in crimson.

Let me know what are your reasons to love your purple dress and how would you wear them.
Also let me know whether you have liked today's outfit of the day.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Flowers And Leafs

It's Saturday night and it's a bit chilly out there in Toronto. It's summer in every parts of the world but the temperature has been dropping down in Canada. So, I decided to try something different in this so called "summer".

 With whole new outfit combination and style ideas here I am writing about my latest ootd in the middle of the night. I needed to write about this outfit because it's been a long time I don't try something that is out of my comfort zone.....what I mean by out of my comfort zone is pulling off shorts! 

Actually I was never in to shorts or minis. I am more in to flowy dresses, vintage frocks, trendy styles, culottes, long skirts and midis etc.....however I have my own style of wearing shorts and minis. Mostly it's with black tights. As the weather suggested a little bit of cover up, I went for black tights and ankle boots.....

Not a bit uncomfortable in this outfit and I think it absolutely goes with my personality. Infact I love wearing tights unders shorts, it gives a little bit edge to my feminine top.

What I have combined today? It's Flowers and Leafs!!! I went for baby pink floral top and leafy print navy shorts.

This has been one of my favourite colour combo so far! Baby pink + navy blue and it looks perfect with black as well.

It's easy to wear tights during summer! If you are a huge leggings or tights fan like me layer it under a shorts or minis.

Let me know whether you like today's outfit post and also let me know how do you wear your favourite shorts. Hoping to hear from you soon. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Get Beach Ready Hairstyle For Summer!

Hey lovely fashionholics and beautyholics!

Today I am going to review a new hair spray that makes your hair look beach ready. Just bought this from shoppers drug mart and I think this new and awesome spray needs a review. The best part about this spray is you can spray it on both damp or dry hair. It tousels and bounces and gives a mermaid wave to your hair.

The company is Schwarzkopf and the name is got 2b beach trippin, salt infusion waving spray. So if you have been thinking of having pretty waves that bounces when wind blows during summer, I must say consider this product before you go for something that hasn't been reviews well. 

Check out my picture towards the end of the blog post and let me know what you think.

Also let me know whether you would buy it or look for something different. Hoping to talk to you soon.

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