Thursday, 28 July 2016

Fashion Is Fun And Frivolous

I love drama, fun facts, crazy ideas and creativity and that surely reflects in my dressing sense....but recently there are some of the things that has been bothering me and (I am sure )you when it comes to dressing up. It's the opposing of ones style statement! 

If you are confused what I am trying to say to you then checkout my photos and read the post to know what is making me way too worried.....

With hundreds of fashion trends making its way to the runway, there is one trend  that surely catches everyone's eye every year and even this year it didn't fail to be in the must have list for every bloggers and celebs. It's dramatic, it's fun and it makes you look younger: it is the ruffle trend! But have you noticed the drama is not only around the hemline or shoulder anymore ? There has been a lot of dramatic ruffle sleeves on the scene lately making me and you extremely happy! 

Well, thanks to the ruffle trend for inspiring me to write this post! 

Since this trend has taken the retail scene with storm and everyone has been pushing their boundaries and trying out different trends with this ruffle trend, I thought I should dig deeper in to my closet, meditate and come with unique style idea. I thought nothing would look better than mixing crazy and fun prints because life is short and we should live to the fullest. So, here is what I have come up with and I hope my outfit below clearly gives you a message that fashion is supposed to be fun! I thought of opting for stripe palazzo and I am sure seeing the size of the wide palazzo pants you must have thought I borrowed it from a clown ....just kidding.....but trust me it's from a thrift store for only 5 dollar! 

Since I love accessorizing so much and tend to make it my first priority while getting dressed I thought sometimes it is okay to lay all cards on the table and be daring.....I opted for skull and fur cuff, silver statement shoe, long dangling earrings and a black glamorous bag! I am definite that you have understood my purpose of styling for this particular post. I clearly wanted to stop people from judging us the way we look, feel and think!

There are many times I am told that I should be dressed in a certain way and dressed "decently" to blend in with the crowds! I say : No! I mean there is no harm when taking fashion lightly and making it fun! Fashion is an art and is supposed to be frivolous and when you take it seriously it ends up being boring! I mean what harm could possibly occur if you look silly and accidentally become a fashion victim? No one is going to remember that and they will move on while you would sulk with your decision to look like a certain way! It's just a fashion faux pas and it will be forgotten and new day awaits you so you get the chance to make most out of it.

So, this summer season if you love fashion like I do, just go for something fun and be uniquely you! This is because there is only one life and lots of fashion trends! Let's have fun with styles and trends that we adore! 

Don't you agree?

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