Thursday, 21 July 2016

Reasons To Clean Your Closet

I was not sure how to respond when my mother told me about cleaning the closet! I would trade any kind of task out there with closet cleaning task! Firstly I feel it is time consuming, secondly it's just a way lot of hard work, thirdly you would ultimately have to part away with clothes and staples that doesn't fit you at the right places but is sadly your favourite. But have you wondered why actually people or should I use the word fashionistas clean out their closet? What amount of happiness and kind of emotions can be achieved by cleaning your closet other than a bit of disappointment and tensions that are linked to it? When you think what you have go through to decide what should be in and what should be out of your closet you feel reluctant to clean your closet ! Right? Speaking of in and out most of the clothes that are basic, fits well and clothes that defines the ultimate capsule wardrobe surely takes place at the front section of your closet, then comes your workwear, weekend wear and finally your evening wear and trendy items! But this post is not for those who are looking for how to clean and organize your closet rather it extracts all the unusual reason that are attached to it! If you thought and hoped that this post would give you the solution to how to clean and organize your closet then you have no doubt come to the wrong place! There are a lot of excellent articles and post all around the Internet where you can simply read about the task that is involved in cleaning and organizing the closet. But if you have accidentally come here in order to read about how-tos... you are more than welcome to continue reading and find out what this post is about! 

Well, this post talks about the reasons to clean your closet....Well basically we all know the reasons. It helps your closet look tidier, cleaner, you would have less time rummaging through your wardrobe to find specific piece...... Blah blah....However A Fashionholic's Life would love to add more to this list!

So, here are the reasons to clean your closet! Also checkout the pictures of my latest outfit below! 
P.S : This pictures are not posted to divert your mind from the blog topic! Just kidding!

It helps you to know exactly what and where you have your stuff! What I mean is it helps you to know exactly how many tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, coats, shoes, bags, jewellery and other accessories you have. Once your are done cleaning the closet , you would exactly know how many items you have and where they are exactly kept!
It helps you to be more organized! Trust me! As mentioned earlier that it helps you to figure out how many items you have and it also helps you to remember exactly where you have kept all your things! This is because if you hate cleaning out your closet like me then you know that being messy runs in our blood! So, cleaning out your closet and rearranging it helps your wardrobe to be cleaner! Therefore you would be more organized!
It helps you to come up with different look books! Downsizing the closet means increased amount of looks! They have inverse relationship!  You would have more time to look through the stuff you have and you would be mixing and matching new and old pieces
Cleaning your closet helps you to lose calories ....well it literally forces you to move around and take out your things, toss out, fold clothes, place things, hang clothes, clean the wardrobes etc. Therefore it's good for your health!
It teaches you not to do impulsive shopping! It helps you to remember that you have not worn many of the pieces and items in which price tags are attached! While you are cleaning the closet you find out that you have not worn half of the items you own.....this teaches you not to waste money and to stick to the idea of cost per wear
Finally it makes you leaving unusually satisfied! Once you are done cleaning your closet you realize the whole cleaning process was worth it and thus leaving a smile of accomplishment on your face!

So, these are the best reasons to clean your closet! However very soon there would be a post about smart ways to clean your closet! 

The outfit above is put together just after I am done cleaning the closet! Luckily I had few trusted pieces in my wardrobe and I am happy that I have found this pink top at the back of my closet which I have not worn since a long time.....ha ha....there you go: treasure hunting is another reason which should be added to the list!   Well mixing this old top with this new skirt was what inspired me to write this post! Plus I had to go through the process of cleaning which helped to write this post! 

Anyways back to my outfit.... I have mixed various colours in my outfit: pink, plum, blue, white, multi colour (statement necklace) !

 Well, do you love mixing colours like I do? 

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Also let me know what is the main reason according to you to clean your closet? 

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