Friday, 15 April 2016

Cool And Unique Ways To Wear Denim

HEY THERE! If you are a denim lover (obviously you are) then you must also love experimenting new ways to wear denim. So, if you want to give your jeans a break and would love to buy something different this April then you should keep reading on coz I dont want you to miss what I have just discovered. So, here is what I would like to share with you: denim can be pretty boring and look conventional. Even if you have unique ways to make your outfit look dressy and stand out; there is hardly any chance to make those heads turn around and say...omg. It's true....Denim is hard to wear but it all depends on what you are picking while shopping for the season. The trick for making your denim stand out is to shop less and go for something that you have never tried before.

Check out my top denim picks for this month:

How To Wear On Girls Night Out: A simple off the shoulder top is what you should look for this spring/summer so that you have the opportunity to play with your accessories. Go for bolder clutch like this one and finish the look with 70s fringe stilettos which were a huge hit in the runway for past couple of seasons.

  • Denim Romper Dress: Love romper? There is a whole new style for SS16 when it comes to denim. Try a romper dress in denim. Its short, fun and looks young and is the best way to update your casual look this summer.

How To Wear At Music Festival: Make it interesting by wearing it over half sleeve top in bright colour. Go for ankle booties and finish the look with  colourful bangles for perfect coachella ready outfit.

  • Denim With Print:  Be it chambray or jeans a little bit of print makes your denim look amazing and unique. Stripes are timeless and if you are lucky to find denim stripe shirt this spring, I would say grab before anyone has their hand on it. Shop the look below.

How To Wear On Date: If you are going out on a date tonight consider wearing denim stripe shirt instead of your jeans. Make it dressy with high and low skirt. Tuck your denim shirt in the skirt and go for a pop of colour by adding an accessory or going for gladiator heels.

  • Wide Leg Denim Pants: This is not exactly jeans it is somewhere between jeans and pants. The shape makes it look more like a denim wide leg pants. This spring give your flare jeans a break and go for denim wide leg pants.

How To Wear In The Office: Wide legs denim can be appropriate as an office wear if all the other separates are basic and comfortable for the office. Go for a basic shirt and low heel pumps and finish the look with straight line blazer.

  • Denim Jumpsuit: Jumpsuit are quite a thing now and have been in style for past couple of seasons. However if you think the trend is getting old and must leave then I must say hold on to it for some time and go for roomier silhouette with full sleeves in denim.

How To Wear At Brunch: Go for the very basic yet backdated rule of fashion. Match your bag and shoe and wear only one accessory like chandelier earrings.

Shop all the looks below and let me know which look is your favorite.

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