Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Inspired By: The 80s

 Today I thought I should better change the way I dress and opt for the 80s inspired look. Something that would definitely remind me of Madonna, she introduced the new black which was very much in vogue. She tried different textures and patterns of black clothes and redefined the colour in such a way that now it is said to be the most fashionable colour. The 80s were known for the punks, the grunge look and the gothic look

So in remembrance of 80s, I opted for darker hues in my outfit. However I didn't let go of some colours in my attire. Therefore I opted for feminine mini.

Accessories can speak what you are trying to portray and can therefore can make or break an outfit. So, for the 80s grunge look, I made sure my accessories are hardcore and so I opted for fur cross cuff and knuckle ring from Aldo.

Not necessarily all the accessories you wear should look grungy, to add your personal style go for something that speaks you you are. I went for this long blush floral necklace.

Dark resembles 80s pop music and ankle booties. Never let go of your peep toe ankle booties and hold it till the spring ends....
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