Monday, 1 February 2016

Travel In Style: Singapore 2015

I recently went to Singapore to get my mom's eye treated. Thanks to the doctor and excellent nurse and remarkable service of Glaneagles hospital of Singapore my mom is recovering faster. I am in love with Singapore and with its vibrant culture, food and people. Since I have heard lot about the lavish life and excellent fashion sense of Singapore women I thought I should put a lit bit of effort to my travel outfit. As we ladies agree it is mandatory  to wear comfortable clothes when traveling, it is also advisable to travel in style.

To match the colourful and vibrant culture I opted for Forever 21 cullotes and Sears printed top. I wanted to accessorize as little as possible but I couldn't resist wearing this gorgeous fuzzy brown crisscross cuff from Forever New of Kolkata. I love the detailing and the fact that I can take it off easily before going through security machines. I went for Aldo structured bag where I could fit almost everything from passport to lipgloss to eyeliner to pen and every necessary items. I finished my look with Marie Claire pink ballets and messy ponytail. 

Check out the pictures taken at the Amex lounge of Dhaka airport and let me know what you think about this particular look.

What's your travel outfit and how do you travel in style?

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