Friday, 29 May 2015

Going Karate Kid!

Hey Fashionholics!

No, I am not suggesting anyone to learn karate or take up kick boxing lessons this summer. All I am saying is this could be a new fashion trend for this summer. I have worn this outfit last month and made culottes the official favourite bottoms in my wardrobe.

So, in this scorching heat I find culottes the most appropriate transitional piece that can be worn in both summer and spring. What's your spring to summer transition piece?

Check out my pictures below and let me know what you think.

Judo belt is a must if you really want the karate kid look.

Combination of vibrant red, cobalt blue and earthy brown shows the spring to summer transition time.

Not a fan of chain necklace. But bigger chain necklace in metallic surely drew my attention.

I went for little bit of waves in the end when it came to hairstyle. Keeping the top part straight.

As I come towards the end of the post, it suddenly occurred to me it's Friday and Friday night means lots of fun and experimenting with your party look. Let me know what did you do this weekend and how did styled your outfit.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Go For Ipanema This Summer

Hi Fashion lovers and summer lovers!

Summer is in full bloom and trip to beaches feel incomplete without comfortable flip flops and pretty wedges. Worry no more! Ipanema  is the brand that immediately comes to my mind when I think of beautiful sunny days, warm weather and beaches. Ipanema has to offer the best flip flops and wedges for the most fashion forward people this summer.

Being the hottest flip flop Brazilian brand Ipanema brand is inspired by the Ipanema Calçadão, the tiled sidewalk pattern exclusive to Ipanema beach. The pattern is used in every pair of beautiful flip flops of Ipanema brand. Ipanema is located in the southern region of Brazil's Rio De Janerio and it is known for it's elegance and social life.

The best part about Ipanema brand is it is eco friendly as it uses 100% recyclable products and they only use their own factories. The Ipanema has it's own heritage just like any other best brands and therefore it's proud of Brazil winning the 1970 football World Cup to become the world’s most successful football team in history. 

Today Ipanema is inspired by Brazil and it's nation of vibrant colours, natural beauty, fun loving people and beaches and continues to create stylish flip flops and wedges for people who has great sense of style.

Check out all my favourites from Ipanema brand and shop them for summer. Visit their website for more styles , and check out my wish list.

Here are the best flip flops from Ipanema for everyone and are on the top of my wishlist.

Parisian chic: This flip flop is for all those fashionistas who are Parisian chic and loves to keep it simple. Shop Ipanema unique 3,  £16.00 now The theme for this gorgeous flip flop is fun in the city.
Ipanema Unique 3

Trendsetter: If you are a trendsetter and are not afraid to try different colours and style this Ipanema switch straps,£25.00 is definitely for you.

Creative Fashionista: Just like straps you can switch your badges too: owl, heart and glitter bow....super cute, right?Be creative with Ipanema applique and shop them now for only £23.00.

Glam Diva: For all those stylish fashionista who loves glitters and shine shop Ipanema glam 2 for only £26.00 and available in 4 classic colours and designs.
Fun Loving Fashionista: For all the easy going and fun loving girls out there aztec print Ipanema Jazz, £20.00, is just for you. Be bold, bright and stylish.

Romantic Chic: If your style is romantic yet stylish Ipanema summer love,£20.00, is your perfect foot wear.

Check out their sandals and wedges which are perfect for the beach party this summer. Here are some of them which are on my summer wishlist.

Festival girl: Whether it's music festival or some carnival, stand out in this gorgeous pair of Ipanema festival sandal,£20.00, now.

Cruise Diva: For all the cruise lover divas cross strap wedges are perfect for you. Shop Ipanema Cruise Wedge for only £35.00.

Global Inspired Diva: One of the best selling sandal has Moroccan tile inspired print and giant floral motif and has adjustable strap with buckle. Buy Ipanema diamond 3 for only £23.00.
Poolside Diva: Want a flip flop wedges that looks perfect with maxi dresses and looks gorgeous by the poolside? look no further, Ipanema Deco,£23.00  is the right one for you.
Trendy Fashionholics: For all the trend lovers check out this ipanema sidewalk wedge, £50.00. A metal disc and metal logo is attached to the strap bringing out the trendy nature of this wedge.

Well, My favourite is hard do decide. If you are fan of flip flops and wedges and want to make a style statement this summer visit their website now,

Let me know which one is your favourite and how would you wear it.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hair Crown Is A Must Have Accessory For Summer

Hey Fashion and summer lovers!

Asos has great hair crown for all the boho girls out there. You can wear it anywhere from music festival to back yard party to beach party. My personal favourite is the one below. Check it out. 

Wondering how to wear bohemian inspired hair crown thus summer. Wear it with printed culotte, denim shirt, fringe tote and wedges for the perfect boho princess look.

Let me know whether you would love to buy it from Asos and how would you wear it.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

When Chilly Weather Stays

Hey fashionistas!
It doesn't feel like summer at all. It's May and it's still cold in Canada. However I have decided to get out of this mess and start incorporating interesting patterns and cuts in my outfit. 

Check out the pictures and read on to my layering techniques when it's still chilly during official summer days!

Layering a shorter jacket over a longer one has been my favourite trick to update my look. Here I layered a short leather jacket over a long checkered sleeveless vest and camel dress that grazes just at the ankle.

I went for ankle length camel dress that has animal print around the waist and wore a combat boot. Why I think ankle length is perfect length for all year round Is because you can layer anything with this length, like blazer, knee length vest, jacket, trench coat and still manage to look fashion forward. A boot is perfect if it's chilly and stiletto, wedges or platform heels would do when it's warm out there. However avoid round toe ballets with this length.

As an accessory I went for long strands of beaded necklace wore it under the collar of my vest.

Let me know what you think about today's ootd and whether you would try something like this. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Colour Combo: White + Pink + Metallic + Copper

Hey Fashionholics!

How was your day? 
Today I bring you another new way to utilise your printed favourite pieces and colours in your look. 
These photos were taken back at home just before coming to Canada. I wanted to meet all my relatives and freinds and this was one of the outfit I choosed to wear to visit and say good bye to some of them.

So the colour combo of the day is : White + pink + metallic + copper

Read on to know more about the outfit.

Mixing two loud prints has become easier now. It's all about choosing right colour. Lighter colours like white and baby pink with busy prints like polka and checks doesn't make you look fat or flattering. Instead this fashion tip looks intriguing.

A silver stiletto is a must for all and it's perfect for every occasion. If you don't have one, go invest in one now.

Your metallic shoe doesn't have to match your metallic bag. What I mean is go for both silver and golden in your outfit, but make sure the accessories are simple. Here I went for golden envelope bag and silver stiletto.

Matching set is in. I am not talking about matching crop top and a skirt which has been in vogue for the last 4 seasons. I am referring to matching earring and neckpiece. Let me know what you think about this fashion tip.

Before ending my blog post I want to say that it has been a busy week which got me to eliminate this week's look of the week post. Going to bring that next week and I promise to bring you the best one every time. Let me know what you think about my colour combo post and would you ever try the fashion tips. 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The "Last Minute" Dinner Outfit

Hey Fashionholics!

Ever wondered how to build up your outfit for a dinner party when you are in a rush?

Read today's latest post on "last minute" dinner outfit.

I got a dinner invitation from distant relatives in the midst of moving to a new home. I had no idea how to pack my entire wardrobe in my suitcase but I think I have managed successfully.

The following day of moving was the worst day ever coz I had to unpack everything from carton boxes and suitcases and organise my new home. I had no idea what to wear for the dinner and the worst part was that I don't even know the host. 

I was busy organising and decorating my home and I gave little thought to my outfit for last night. Therefore the first thing I choosed was the statement necklace. Read on my step by step guide to get ready and put on the " last minute" dinner outfit.

A statement top is what I had in mind instead of the usual LBD. I am in love with this special top, a gift from my sister. What I love about this top is the mesh net which has larger embroidered florals on it and looks great with the stripe underneath.

I wanted a pop of colour in my outfit and wanted to hide my tired face and puffy eyes due to lack of sleep. I wanted to draw the attention away from my face and more towards my outfit. I went for pastel blue A-line mini skirt which perfectly swishes around me.

I finished my look with something that matches with my statement necklace. I went for white bracelet and copper watch. On the plus point I also didn't expect the night to turn out so much better. I got to meet this cute little cat called Milo. 

A black liner, mascara and nude lipstick is what every women needs when they have little time to dress up when going to a dinner party.

In the end my fashion tip for all the fashionholics out there is to have confidence and feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Only then you can enjoy your dinner and socialise with everyone.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mix And Match: Larger Than Life Florals + Nautical Stripe + GreekInspired

Hey Fashion Lovers!

This photo shoot took place two weeks before in my home in Bangladesh. I had a birthday party to attend and I wanted a break from two of the most common colours I choose for any birthday parties :red and pink. I went for yellow dress that has big orange flowers all over it, cobalt blue statement necklace, black and white nautical stripe bag and colourblock shoes.

Read on to know more about this look. Hope to hear your opinion on my outfit post soon.

Today's mix and match tip is : Larger than life florals + nautical stripe + Greek inspired

I love this maxi dress not only because it has larger 3D florals but it also has boat neck and short sleeve. It's perfect for spring and summer.

 I opted for something that is Inspired by Greek. If you are interested to try my latest mix and match tip You can either opt for something like this one or you can wear braided belts around your waist.

Everything big and bold is not always a bad idea. Consider a statement necklace and statement earrings in different colours. The trick is to make sure it goes with the dress. Here I opted for cobalt blue statement necklace and burgundy fringe earrings.

Looking for a great fashion tip?....Don't match your shoe with your bag! I always try my best to think outside of the box and give any old dress of mine a whole new life. Here I went for nautical stripe and colourblock shoes.

"Not exactly middle part" hairstyle is what I have been thinking of trying. At a first glance it seems the hair is parted in the middle, but actually it's parted to the right.

I finished my look with grey eye shadow and brown lipstick. Let me know what you think about this outfit of last week. Also let me know how you would wear your maxi dress this summer. Hope you liked today's mix and match tip and looking forward to read about your latest fashion tip.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Look Of The Week: Road Trip

Hey Fashionholics!

Happy Saturday and just like every week I bring you look of the week.

It's end of spring and I am sure everyone is looking forward to warmer days. Here, in Toronto the temperature is going to rise within the next couple of days and it's the best opportunity to go out of the city and explore new places and beaches and towns. So today I bring how to effortlessly look stylish and feel comfortable on a road trip.

Road trip is always so fun packed with foods, picnic baskets, music player and lots of fun. Since you would love to enjoy the whole trip and want to be comfortable and yet fashionable at the same time you should focus less on chunky accessories and more on functional items. 

So, here are my step by step fashion tips on achieving today's look of the week, check them out.

1. Before reaching for your outfit, start with shoe. If you want to make a statement go for something gold or silver. However make sure it's comfortable. 
2. Messanger bag, larger tote or bucket bag are functional and easy to carry and so these are some of the options you should consider on a road trip. For bohemian inspired look go for fringe, like this Zara bag this summer.
3.  A simple shortsleeve boxy top in light pastel colours is what you are going to look for this summer with  printed comfortable joggers. If you want to make a statement go for solid colours at the top and prints at the bottom
4. Finish the look with statement necklace like this Fringe one below.

The look above is affordablly cheap. Shop the look below.

Hope you love the look of the week and please comment on what you think about this week's look. Write to me about where are you travelling this summer and what would you love to wear on a road trip.

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