Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mix And Match: Larger Than Life Florals + Nautical Stripe + GreekInspired

Hey Fashion Lovers!

This photo shoot took place two weeks before in my home in Bangladesh. I had a birthday party to attend and I wanted a break from two of the most common colours I choose for any birthday parties :red and pink. I went for yellow dress that has big orange flowers all over it, cobalt blue statement necklace, black and white nautical stripe bag and colourblock shoes.

Read on to know more about this look. Hope to hear your opinion on my outfit post soon.

Today's mix and match tip is : Larger than life florals + nautical stripe + Greek inspired

I love this maxi dress not only because it has larger 3D florals but it also has boat neck and short sleeve. It's perfect for spring and summer.

 I opted for something that is Inspired by Greek. If you are interested to try my latest mix and match tip You can either opt for something like this one or you can wear braided belts around your waist.

Everything big and bold is not always a bad idea. Consider a statement necklace and statement earrings in different colours. The trick is to make sure it goes with the dress. Here I opted for cobalt blue statement necklace and burgundy fringe earrings.

Looking for a great fashion tip?....Don't match your shoe with your bag! I always try my best to think outside of the box and give any old dress of mine a whole new life. Here I went for nautical stripe and colourblock shoes.

"Not exactly middle part" hairstyle is what I have been thinking of trying. At a first glance it seems the hair is parted in the middle, but actually it's parted to the right.

I finished my look with grey eye shadow and brown lipstick. Let me know what you think about this outfit of last week. Also let me know how you would wear your maxi dress this summer. Hope you liked today's mix and match tip and looking forward to read about your latest fashion tip.

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