Friday, 13 November 2015

Mixing Bright Colours With Neutral Colours

Hi beautiful fashionistas! Do you love mixing bright colours like I do? Today I will talk to you about how I recently wore bright colours with light colours.  It's not hard to implement both bright and earthy tones in one outfit but it's a bit tricky to go for two bright colours with one neutral colour. Here is my new outfit off the day where I mixed  two bright colours red and teal with beige skirt. I love bright teal with basic colours like black and white but I also love this colour with beige and bright shades.  If you are not sure to wear two bright shades together keep the colours farther away from each other like I did here in the pictures.

Want to know details about my outfit? The tunic is from street market, the pencil skirt is from Urban Planet, the bag is from Macy's, the necklace is from Suzy Shier, Canada and the shoe is from Spark Gear, Bangladesh.

Check out my pictures and let me know what brighter shades you would pair together with one neutral shade.

A tunic is sometimes confused as short dresses, but I would rather call it a long top. If you own a bright printed  tunic, wear it with your favourite pencil skirt for office.

Geometric print is fun and a bright one like this teal one stands out with colourblock red and beige bag.

Accessories should never be boring if your outfit is conservative. Go for daring colours and colour blocks.

Slim fitted, stretchable skirt is what you should look for if you want to stay comfortable all throughout the day and go for small details like golden buckles on your skirt!

Add a bit of sparkle with bracelets around your wrist.

Mary Jane inspired pump shoe makes any formal outfit looks super feminine and cute.

Let me know what you think about this outfit and whether you liked it.

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