Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How To Wear Your Culottes In Vintage Style

I have a confession to make: I love vintage clothing. All my life I have always welcomed new trends but I get excited to try out vintage fashion more than experimenting with new trends. However, I also love the idea of mixing new trend with vintage fashion.

However there is nothing new in my attire except for cullotes which is again a vintage fashion trend. I spotted this beautiful cobalt blue polka dot cullotes at Fairweather which reminded me of Bridgete Jones. I bought it instantly seeing the room it gives me to move around, sit comfortably and stretch. 

Read on more to know how I dressed up to get in to vintage mood.

Blood red colour calls for attention and a must have fall colour. 

The high neck collar and long puffed sleeves are perfect if you want dress like a vintage diva.

A touch of modern would do no harm! A statement ring from H&M makes my look fashionable.

Hoop earrings are essential if you want to dress vintage.

Cocktail ring from H&M is perfect accessory to dress up your cullotes.

Ballets are timeless and they are always in fashion. Touch of blush is the best way to make your look subtle and not look overdressed. I opted for Ardene blush ballets to balance my vintage look.

Let me know know what you think about my vintage look and whether you would opt gor polka dot cullotes.

How To Wear Culottes From Day To Night

Hey Fashion Lovers!

This summer was all about culottes for me. I dressed them up and dressed them down depending on the occasion. Here is a picture of me in Washington during July wearing Forever 21 culottes ( 28 dollar) and Forever 21 top (20 dollar) .

The occasion: sight seeing in Washington in the morning  followed by Dinner in New Jersey.

Culottes could take you from day to night during summer. It's comfortable, breathable, breezy and stylish. 

Read on to know more.

As I had to attend a casual dinner party at night but at the same time don't want to look I have put a lot of effort I made sure my accessories stand out. In this case statement sunglasses from Aldo (10 dollar) Egyptian inspired turquoise necklace from Sears (19 dollar) and gold slip on from Aldo (40 dollar).

By changing the appearance of your tops or shirts can change and give a whole new look to any outfit instantly. My off the shoulder top now has scoop neck and looks Victorian.

As I would be spending the whole day in the sun and needed to pack a lot of things in my bag like water bottle, sunscreen, lipstick I went for structured bag in ivory colour. This colour adds richness and is perfect for the dinner party.

The trend to try this year is Morocco inspired prints. This print was seen in  Fall 2016( Versace, Giambatista Valli and Drias Van Noten) 
Fashion Tip: Go for loose silhouette and shape to get in the Persian mood

Another trend to try throughout this 2015 year is Victorian inspired high neckline. Whether you choose high neck collar, or high neckline, turtle neck or high neck frilled collar, this year is all about Victorian Era. Though it's a off the shoulder top I made sure the neckline starts from just below my throat.

Let me know what you think about this look and how you would dress down and up your culottes.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Dress Up Your Maxi Dress With These 4 Tips

Every time during spring and summer I struggle with mexi length dresses rather than worrying about them for fall and Winter. It's because it's easier to wear maxi dresses during colder months rather than warmer months. During colder months I go for military jackets, gloves, beanie sleeveless vest depending on the condition  of the weather. 

However during the summer of July 2015 I gave it some new twist. I went to this park near Brooklyn bridge. The weather was perfect not too warm or cold. Check out my Four tips to dress up your maxi dress for summer.

1. Floppy Hats are stylish and best for bad hair day. Go for a quick fashion update by choosing for something big, stylish and trendy like this Nine West floppy white hat.

2. Match your belt with your hat instead of matching your bag with ur shoe. A trick worth remembering  next time you go for a stroll in maxi dress.

3. Structured bag in lighter shade is enough to make you look classier.

4. Everything gold is the key when it comes to accessories. I choose gold necklace from Suzy Shier and gold slip Ons from Aldo.

Let me know how you would accessorize your maxi dress during summer or end of summer.

Style Tip: Peplum Top + Joggers

As I gave promised during August that I would be covering every detail about my USA trip and talk about how I dressed all throughout summer season, I thought I should start with Day 1 of my USA trip. It was a sunny day and a visit to lakeside was a must. It was 30 degree Celsius outside and felt like my skin was melting. However it was windy too. Since I thought of taking a brisk walk I thought should opt for joggers which are comfy when you want to take walk, stretch and move around.

Thankfully I packed my jogger from Fair Weather in my suitcase in the very last moment and it certainly did save the day.... Coz the last think I want to wear was a mini skirt which would have been a blunder considering the day was sunny and windy......

I think this moss green peplum top from Suzy Shier gives a very slimming effect and makes my look a bit less casual. What I love about the peplum top is that it has see through  fabric around the shoulder and sleeves and make the top look alluring and modern.

Dramatic sun glasses are required if you want to look fashion forward and feel protected from sun rays. My one was on sale in Aldo and it was 2 for 20 Canadian dollar! Can you believe this?

A big structured bag where you can fit almost anything is required for a long day out. I opted for something in lighter colour and which is a contrast with my overall outfit. I love this bag from Aldo which is stylish, structured, classic, functional, in vogue and less than 100 dollar which is like only 60dollar and  what can you ask for more?

When it comes to accessories I look for those that would give me a slimming effect. In this case long statement strands.

In the end I happy with my visit to a place in New Jersey where I could see the whole Newyork, watch sailing, sit on the park and spend some good time. Therefore before leaving the house I made sure I had sunscreen on, hair nicely brushed and blow dried and have glossy and chapped lips.

As I had to walk a lot but couldn't forgo my style sense I choose what the most unique fashionistas would choose: Gold Slip Ons. It's crisis cross, comfortable, stylish and out of the blue choice for such outfit. It's from Aldo and you will get it for 40 dollar. 

Let me know what you think about today's post and what do you think about peplum top and joggers combination.

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