Thursday, 28 July 2016

Fashion Is Fun And Frivolous

I love drama, fun facts, crazy ideas and creativity and that surely reflects in my dressing sense....but recently there are some of the things that has been bothering me and (I am sure )you when it comes to dressing up. It's the opposing of ones style statement! 

If you are confused what I am trying to say to you then checkout my photos and read the post to know what is making me way too worried.....

With hundreds of fashion trends making its way to the runway, there is one trend  that surely catches everyone's eye every year and even this year it didn't fail to be in the must have list for every bloggers and celebs. It's dramatic, it's fun and it makes you look younger: it is the ruffle trend! But have you noticed the drama is not only around the hemline or shoulder anymore ? There has been a lot of dramatic ruffle sleeves on the scene lately making me and you extremely happy! 

Well, thanks to the ruffle trend for inspiring me to write this post! 

Since this trend has taken the retail scene with storm and everyone has been pushing their boundaries and trying out different trends with this ruffle trend, I thought I should dig deeper in to my closet, meditate and come with unique style idea. I thought nothing would look better than mixing crazy and fun prints because life is short and we should live to the fullest. So, here is what I have come up with and I hope my outfit below clearly gives you a message that fashion is supposed to be fun! I thought of opting for stripe palazzo and I am sure seeing the size of the wide palazzo pants you must have thought I borrowed it from a clown ....just kidding.....but trust me it's from a thrift store for only 5 dollar! 

Since I love accessorizing so much and tend to make it my first priority while getting dressed I thought sometimes it is okay to lay all cards on the table and be daring.....I opted for skull and fur cuff, silver statement shoe, long dangling earrings and a black glamorous bag! I am definite that you have understood my purpose of styling for this particular post. I clearly wanted to stop people from judging us the way we look, feel and think!

There are many times I am told that I should be dressed in a certain way and dressed "decently" to blend in with the crowds! I say : No! I mean there is no harm when taking fashion lightly and making it fun! Fashion is an art and is supposed to be frivolous and when you take it seriously it ends up being boring! I mean what harm could possibly occur if you look silly and accidentally become a fashion victim? No one is going to remember that and they will move on while you would sulk with your decision to look like a certain way! It's just a fashion faux pas and it will be forgotten and new day awaits you so you get the chance to make most out of it.

So, this summer season if you love fashion like I do, just go for something fun and be uniquely you! This is because there is only one life and lots of fashion trends! Let's have fun with styles and trends that we adore! 

Don't you agree?

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Reasons To Clean Your Closet

I was not sure how to respond when my mother told me about cleaning the closet! I would trade any kind of task out there with closet cleaning task! Firstly I feel it is time consuming, secondly it's just a way lot of hard work, thirdly you would ultimately have to part away with clothes and staples that doesn't fit you at the right places but is sadly your favourite. But have you wondered why actually people or should I use the word fashionistas clean out their closet? What amount of happiness and kind of emotions can be achieved by cleaning your closet other than a bit of disappointment and tensions that are linked to it? When you think what you have go through to decide what should be in and what should be out of your closet you feel reluctant to clean your closet ! Right? Speaking of in and out most of the clothes that are basic, fits well and clothes that defines the ultimate capsule wardrobe surely takes place at the front section of your closet, then comes your workwear, weekend wear and finally your evening wear and trendy items! But this post is not for those who are looking for how to clean and organize your closet rather it extracts all the unusual reason that are attached to it! If you thought and hoped that this post would give you the solution to how to clean and organize your closet then you have no doubt come to the wrong place! There are a lot of excellent articles and post all around the Internet where you can simply read about the task that is involved in cleaning and organizing the closet. But if you have accidentally come here in order to read about how-tos... you are more than welcome to continue reading and find out what this post is about! 

Well, this post talks about the reasons to clean your closet....Well basically we all know the reasons. It helps your closet look tidier, cleaner, you would have less time rummaging through your wardrobe to find specific piece...... Blah blah....However A Fashionholic's Life would love to add more to this list!

So, here are the reasons to clean your closet! Also checkout the pictures of my latest outfit below! 
P.S : This pictures are not posted to divert your mind from the blog topic! Just kidding!

It helps you to know exactly what and where you have your stuff! What I mean is it helps you to know exactly how many tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, coats, shoes, bags, jewellery and other accessories you have. Once your are done cleaning the closet , you would exactly know how many items you have and where they are exactly kept!
It helps you to be more organized! Trust me! As mentioned earlier that it helps you to figure out how many items you have and it also helps you to remember exactly where you have kept all your things! This is because if you hate cleaning out your closet like me then you know that being messy runs in our blood! So, cleaning out your closet and rearranging it helps your wardrobe to be cleaner! Therefore you would be more organized!
It helps you to come up with different look books! Downsizing the closet means increased amount of looks! They have inverse relationship!  You would have more time to look through the stuff you have and you would be mixing and matching new and old pieces
Cleaning your closet helps you to lose calories ....well it literally forces you to move around and take out your things, toss out, fold clothes, place things, hang clothes, clean the wardrobes etc. Therefore it's good for your health!
It teaches you not to do impulsive shopping! It helps you to remember that you have not worn many of the pieces and items in which price tags are attached! While you are cleaning the closet you find out that you have not worn half of the items you own.....this teaches you not to waste money and to stick to the idea of cost per wear
Finally it makes you leaving unusually satisfied! Once you are done cleaning your closet you realize the whole cleaning process was worth it and thus leaving a smile of accomplishment on your face!

So, these are the best reasons to clean your closet! However very soon there would be a post about smart ways to clean your closet! 

The outfit above is put together just after I am done cleaning the closet! Luckily I had few trusted pieces in my wardrobe and I am happy that I have found this pink top at the back of my closet which I have not worn since a long time.....ha ha....there you go: treasure hunting is another reason which should be added to the list!   Well mixing this old top with this new skirt was what inspired me to write this post! Plus I had to go through the process of cleaning which helped to write this post! 

Anyways back to my outfit.... I have mixed various colours in my outfit: pink, plum, blue, white, multi colour (statement necklace) !

 Well, do you love mixing colours like I do? 

Well, Nordstrom Sale is going on! Here are the 7 unique items I think you need to look spectacular! Click here!

Also let me know what is the main reason according to you to clean your closet? 

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

7 Must-Have Items To Shop From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you want to stock up on new items for summer to fall transitional months and feel happy about your fresh purchase then Nordstrom has a lot of things to offer than any retailer at this time of the year!!! I do not know whether I should be happy about the fact that there would be a huge sale that's coming or the fact that there is also an early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. One thing is for sure that they have a lot of trendy items than expected! Browsing the nordrtrom website I have found a couple of things which I absolutely believe that me, you and every fashionholics out there would love to have!!!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts from Friday July 22 and ends on Monday August 7th. The best part is the early access which starts on Thursday July 14th. So, how to get an early access and shop the sale a whole extra eight days before everyone else??? It is simple apply for Nordstrom card. Nordtrom lets you apply and access instantly after you are approved! Click here if you want to apply and get the best deals.

 If you are a regular reader of A Fashionholic's Life you very well know that the idea of and inspiration behind this blog is solely you!!! So, just like every time I am here to give more fashion forward tips. But this time I am going to tell you what items you should buy at this time of the year!!! Surprisingly Nordstrom has it all!!!


These are the 7 items to shop from Nordtrom!

Shirt Dress: Wear it with wedges, hoop earrings and tote bag during summer and in colder months wear it over your button down shirt. Finish the look with thin scarves and ankle boots when temperature drops.
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Embroidered Pieces: Embroidery is an art ad embrace it with open arms by mixing and matching it with other embroidered pieces. Open up yourselves with variety of embroidered style! I am sure you would love mixing and matching.
Shop The Embroidered Pieces Below

Straw Bag: You should replace your go to structured bag with this straw bag instead because life is supposed to be fun and fashion is part of our life!!!! Wear it with monochromatic outfit.... I would love to know how you would style it.
Shop The Straw Bags Below

Waist Coat: During colder times of summer and during the transitional period of summer and fall wear this fashion forward piece over your favorite staple. For fall I would suggest you guys to wear it over your slouchy sweater. Let me know and give me some options to wear this enviable piece.
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Statement Earrings: No more statement necklace! It is time for statement earrings!
Shop Statement Earrings Below

Denim Pieces: Blue denims are always in style but have you thought of playing up and looking with white denims.... Checkout different options like white denim flare pants, white denim sundress and white denim jacket.
Shop White Denim Staples Below

Flat Mules: Mules are the trendy item of the year but most people are opting for high heel mules. The first half of this year were the times of high heels and second half is for these beautiful and fashion forward flat mules. Wear this with slip dress and mini structured bag during summer and opt for slouchy sweater underneath the slip dress when the temperature drops.
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Let me know what are you excited to buy and how will you style those staples in an unique way?

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Bebe Has The Best Dresses For Every Occasion

I have been looking for the perfect beach wedding dress and due to lot of options at Bebe I got literally confused! The best part about Babe is you can get anything and everything below 500 dollar! The design is spectacular and I am sure makes anyone look young and fresh! 

Here are the reasons Bebe has beautiful dresses for every occasion!

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Where: Office Party
Why: It has a beautiful shape, it has one shoulder and is midlength
Fashion Tip: It can be dressed up easily with perfect statement shoes.

Where: Casual Day During Summer At Park
Why: We all know off the shoulder is in trend but there is something about denim off the shoulder dress!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with espadrilles and backpack

Where: Club/Disco/Girl's Night Out
Why: I think it is perfect for club and discos because it is sheen and reminds me of 90s!!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with black gladiator heels and dangling earrings.

Where: Formal Event/Red Carpet/Formal Wedding
Why: Just look at the back! It is sexy yet appropriate for such events!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with dangling earrings and strappy heels

Where: Prom/ Girls Night Out/ Sexy Dinner Date
Why: Have you seen the feather at the bottom and the sequence at the top? I am sure you understand why I feel it is perfect for prom or sexy dinner date!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with metallic accessories and go for red lips.

Where: Fall Concert/ Music Festival During Fall Time
Why: The colour, the design and the fabric is perfect for fall. This would be perfect for music concert considering the prints, pattern and bohemian vibe!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with choker and moto jacket and at the same time go for feminine shoes like ballet flats

Where: Black Tie Event
Why: Really love the high low design. It is formal yet fashion forward.
Fashion Tip: Go for minimal accessories.

Where: Beach wedding
Why: The print screams waves, summer, sun and looks perfect for the beach time.
Fashion Tip: Wear it with envelope clutch

Where: Office To Dinner
Why: It is shiny yet formal which would take you from office to dinner!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with mules, structured bag and long statement necklace

Where: New Year's Party/Birthday party
Why: Metallic has always been for new year and your birthday
Fashion Tip: Wear it with neon shoes or neon bags

Where: Formal Wedding
Why: The side slit and length of the gown is perfect for formal wedding
Fashion Tip: Wear it with statement necklace

Where: Summer Music Festival
Why: The cut outs and the print at the bottom is perfect for summer festival
Fashion Tip: Wear it with fringe accessories

Where: Conservative Office
Why: The shape and the print is perfect if your office is conservative
Fashion Tip: Wear it hoop earrings and bright pumps

Where: Baby Shower/ Bridal Shower
Why: The colour the print and high-low length is perfect for such events
Fashion Tip: Wear it with statement necklace, metallic shoes and small clutch

Where:  Graduation Party
Why: It is sober and  pretty
Fashion Tip: Wear it with a watch and platform heels

Where: Meeting In-laws/ Family Dinner/ Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents
Why: The colour and the print would be approved by your in laws!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with mules or wedges and go for statement earrings

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Which dress you love the most ? Let me know in the comments below!


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How To Dress For The Day When You Are Lazy And In A Hurry

As I write this in a hurry knowing that I have only thirty minutes to get out of the house to take my mom to her doctor, I can't help but laugh at myself with the speed with which I got dressed only to find out that my mother is not dressed up yet and needed more thirty minutes. Here I am so much determined to finish this post within thirty minutes! So, today my mother needs to go to her eye doctor for her retinal check up but sadly I was too sleepy and tired to get dressed up but I cannot back off from my duties towards my parents!

As I was getting ready the first thing that I grabbed was scarf and tied it around my neck and realized this should be the must have accessory piece when you are too tired to get dressed! I mean I used to think it's only me who gets lazy to get dressed for the day but after researching and talking to many of you lovely fashionistas who wants to look great even though you are feeling lazy and are confused where to begin with, I though I should research and experiment what could be the solution that would finally put an end to this problem that we women face. Anyways I came up with quick tips to make your outfit look surprisingly put together and fashion forward even though you are unwilling to get dressed in so little time!

 So, here are the 4 items to have in your closet to help you get dressed when you are in a hurry and  are way too lazy to get dressed!

Scarf: This item can instantly make any outfit look new! Wear your scarf as choker this season or u can wrap it around your waist as belt!

Unique Layering Piece: You don't need any layering piece in your wardrobe but something that looks and makes a dull outfit instantly stylish! Look for different prints and designs rather than choosing dull colour! Wear your layering piece with vintage shorts, tube top and mules this season.

Denim Overalls: Feeling lazy? All you need to do is get out of your sweatpants and wear denim overalls! They are trendy, looks great and you have less time to get ready! Wear overalls with dramatic sleeve top underneath.

Statement  Slip Ons: you don't need just a slip on but a statement making slip on to look great instantly without any effort! Look for jewelled slip on and wear them with your flare pants and halter neck top this season.

Shop All The Items Below 

You can wear these 4 items separately or wear them together to reduce wasting your time and energy!!! Let me know how you look. As I come towards the end of this post I feel relieved to share this important information with you! Now you know what items to instantly grab from your closet when such situation arises!

What items do you rely on when you are way too lazy and have less time to get dressed for the day???

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