Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How To Dress For The Day When You Are Lazy And In A Hurry

As I write this in a hurry knowing that I have only thirty minutes to get out of the house to take my mom to her doctor, I can't help but laugh at myself with the speed with which I got dressed only to find out that my mother is not dressed up yet and needed more thirty minutes. Here I am so much determined to finish this post within thirty minutes! So, today my mother needs to go to her eye doctor for her retinal check up but sadly I was too sleepy and tired to get dressed up but I cannot back off from my duties towards my parents!

As I was getting ready the first thing that I grabbed was scarf and tied it around my neck and realized this should be the must have accessory piece when you are too tired to get dressed! I mean I used to think it's only me who gets lazy to get dressed for the day but after researching and talking to many of you lovely fashionistas who wants to look great even though you are feeling lazy and are confused where to begin with, I though I should research and experiment what could be the solution that would finally put an end to this problem that we women face. Anyways I came up with quick tips to make your outfit look surprisingly put together and fashion forward even though you are unwilling to get dressed in so little time!

 So, here are the 4 items to have in your closet to help you get dressed when you are in a hurry and  are way too lazy to get dressed!

Scarf: This item can instantly make any outfit look new! Wear your scarf as choker this season or u can wrap it around your waist as belt!

Unique Layering Piece: You don't need any layering piece in your wardrobe but something that looks and makes a dull outfit instantly stylish! Look for different prints and designs rather than choosing dull colour! Wear your layering piece with vintage shorts, tube top and mules this season.

Denim Overalls: Feeling lazy? All you need to do is get out of your sweatpants and wear denim overalls! They are trendy, looks great and you have less time to get ready! Wear overalls with dramatic sleeve top underneath.

Statement  Slip Ons: you don't need just a slip on but a statement making slip on to look great instantly without any effort! Look for jewelled slip on and wear them with your flare pants and halter neck top this season.

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You can wear these 4 items separately or wear them together to reduce wasting your time and energy!!! Let me know how you look. As I come towards the end of this post I feel relieved to share this important information with you! Now you know what items to instantly grab from your closet when such situation arises!

What items do you rely on when you are way too lazy and have less time to get dressed for the day???

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