Sunday, 10 July 2016

What You Should Wear Instead Of LBD: Statement Top

A Fashionholic's Life is back again after a long time with a new and exciting post to help you get dressed up for for your next cocktail party or dinner! I know you love your little black dress which seems to be perpetual savior when it comes to dressing quickly and look stunning! I am sure you have invested in couple of little black dress/ LBDs which you rely on when it comes to getting dressed up quickly and you have no intention of replacing it with other beautiful items. But guess what? A Fashionholic's Life always finds a way to upgrade your look in any situation! I have found a great alternative that you should have if you want to look great in no time: A Statement Top!!!

A statement top is easy to dress up and would surely make couple heads turn your way among the sea of  people wearing LBDs.....

Here are the reasons to have a statement top in your closet

You can make your other simple separate look surprisingly gorgeous.  For instant your simple maxi skirt looks boring if you are wearing it casually. Do your maxi skirt a favor and give it a makeover by opting for cocktail parties. You can make your maxi skirt look instantly gorgeous with a statement top

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You can wear it with a trendy and gorgeous accessories without looking overdressed. The best part about statement top is it attention grabbing and therefore the ultimate show stopper! Don't you agree???  Even if you opt for a trendy and gorgeous accessories like this silver mules with statement heels you would still look gorgeous without looking overdressed! The key is to balance the outfit with right accessories and separates. Here the mules is surely gorgeous but does not take too much attention away from the floral top with sequence bell sleeve.

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Here is how you should wear a statement top

Wear it with a solid colour maxi skirt. If you want to look and feel great stay away from prints and look for simple separate. If you have too much going on your outfit it's better to opt for solid colours! Since maxi skirt is back for spring and summer take it out from the back of your closet and restyle it. 

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Mix and match metallics. I know your mother and grandmother would not be happy with the idea of mixing metallic. But taking a fashion risk is worth it!!! Go crazy with metallics and break the rule of not mixing and matching your metallic. Go for golden accessories like knuckle ring and at the same time wear a silver shoe. This is because fashion rules were always meant to be broken, right? All you need to remember is it is all about the confidence and it does not matter what others think. In the end it is all about making yourself happy not people!

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Wear it with trendy mules. Mules are not only trendy but they are your feets' best friend. They look great with almost anything an anything. Go for mules with block heels or opt for statement making block heels.

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Wear you statement top with "not just your average cross-body bag". We have all seen cross-body bags flaunted by street style fashionistas, bloggers and celebrities and all of them expresses their unique personal style through this trendy accessory. Go for something that truly portrays your personal style. When I say not just your average cross-body bag I mean go for different shapes, design and style that instantly makes you feel and look uniquely you! 

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How would you wear your statement top?

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