Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Earthy Can Be Fun

There  are lot of times I have attempted wearing earthy tones but every time I feel like I am just blending in with the crowd and feel like it is not fashion forward! I am usually not seen in earthy tones and feel it's a shame that I am not following the most basic trend of all time. However I also feel that going for earthy tones can be a bit risky since there is a chance of making your outfit look way too boring! When I say boring...I mean it! Suppose you are thinking of spending your day with friends and you think of wearing earthy colours. So what do you choose? brown pencil skirt (first earthy staple) , blue stripe off the shoulder top (trend of the season), caramel bag (second earthy staple) , brown suede statement heels (third earthy staple), statement choker necklace (a statement making piece) ..... There might not be anything wrong with your outfit especially when you are flaunting those off the shoulder top and statement choker. But don't you feel you need to make a statement with earthy tone staples instead of with the trendy and statement making pieces? 

But let's say you disagree with me and want to dress up your earthy tone staples with statement making piece. Even if you dress up your earthy tones staples, say brown dress, how would you make people to look at the outfit instead of statement making accessories?  In that case it is your accessories and trendy items that are doing the trick every time! That's great because A Fashionholic's Life have always stated that "it's the accessories which plays the trick"! But don't you feel you need to give your favourite earthy staple a break and choose something out of the box?

Fear not! 

A Fashionholic's Life is here to help you with tips on how to shop for earthy pieces!

Here are the shopping and styling tips

Look for unique prints and patterns!

Go for something eye catching and shimmery! Here I opted for shimmery pattern top.

Play with different textures! I opted for lace flared pants

Stick to the basic rule.....Go for statement making and eye catching accessories in similar colours and patterns to complete the outfit

Go for similar silhouette instead of contrasting ones to make a statement! Go for boxy top and flare pant or opt for fitted top and skinny pants...

Patchwork or any other unique print always makes a statement! 

Go for one dark and one light colour earthy tone staples ! This always works no matter how you style it!

Shop similar styles below

Do you have any unique earthy staples in your closet?

How do you wear it?

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