Saturday, 18 June 2016

Are We Going Back To 80s?

It seems like we are going backwards and welcoming old trends in a new way! 2016 was all about the 70s flare and 90s over-sized staple. It was a mixture of bohemian with cool and effortless style. Everything was way too over sized and had a flare, breezy and airy feel! Well, the 70s trend started from the end of 2014 and still continuing but this year the 70's trend was tried out with a twist. Trends of 90s like slip dress, oversized denim jacket and chokers were added to the flowy and bohemian style of 70s. But since couple of months the runway shows were moving on from the 70s and trying to bring back new silhouettes that were long forgotten. A fitted look with twist of 80s! Everything seems to be grungy, punk and dark for the fashion industry for couple of months!

I don't know whether it 's my misconception or not but I feel fashion world is turning in to more Gothic style and embracing the 80's nowadays! However recently  the 80's trend  is more refined and polished, compared to the laid back look that were adopted during  1980's. It's more sophisticated with a touch of grunge!

Did you notice that as well? 

Versace Resort 2017
The fitted  and more polished look was what Versace resort 2017 show adopted. Where the silhouttes were simple, sophisticated but the theme colour was black! Colourblock bags shoes and jackets were seen the most!

Tip:Go for monochromatic look by opting for head to toe black in clean shapes and silhouettes and add a colour block shoes!

Versace Resort 2017 
Versace Resort 2017

And how can we forget the leather? 80s were mostly known for oversized leather jacket and long leather coats!

Tip: Wear leather with pastel staples this year!

Beyonce at CDFA 2016
The 80's were all about shimmer, sequence and pinstripe suits and Beyonce combined the 80s trend recently at CDFA 2016.

Tip: You can ace this trend by keeping the jewelry minimal!

Olsen Twin At CDFA 2016

Long dramatic sleeves were embraced during and 80s and again we see them on trend!

Tip: Wear this trend with a shorter hemline and over the knee boots!

Dior Resort 2017 Show

Remember the puffy sleeves of 80s? They were recently seen at Dior Resort 2017 show!

Tip: Wear this puffy sleeves with slit skirt and 70s wedges!

Gucci Resort 2017 Show

The geeky chic trend just started recently after the Gucci Resort 2017 show and we are thankful that we can move from the bohemian trend and embrace the trend of early 80s.

Tip: Go for wide frame geeky glasses, pleated mini skirt and button down shirt and master the school girl look! Make it geeky chic yet edgy by throwing a biker jacket over your shoulder!

Gucci Resort 2017 Show

Is anyone excited to try the dark floral trends of 80s like you mean it?

Tip: Add them to your signature look and mix them with 70s ruffle!

Gucci Resort 2017 Show

The 80s were not only seen in clothes this Resort 2017 but also on makeup and accessories

Tip: Go for grunge look with edgy accessories, dark lipstick and wear them with 90s staple like oversized sweater and pajamas.

Gucci Resort 2017 Show

If you think animal prints and all the wild things were left out then you are definitely wrong! Most of the resort show portrayed their wild side with animal print faded and colour splattered denim and small frame sunglasses

Tip: Wear animal print top with 70s flare denim to bring a twist in your look.  Dont forget to add your small frame sunglasses!

Rachel Joe SS16
Fanny Packs of late 1980s are back!

 Tip: Wear them with your 70s staple like a bohemian white dress this year!

Source: The Fashion Court
Kirsten Stewart At Vanity Fair

Leather Pants and Red Lipstick is what you need to bring back the 80s trend

Tip: Follow Kirsten's cue by opting for structured jacket and messy hairstyle!

Are you excited to try 80's Fashion trend?

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What do you think?

 Is 80's fashion trend replacing the long lasting 70's and 90's trend?

 Or do you think it's my misconception?

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