Sunday, 5 June 2016

How To Avoid The Sale Rack!

So you love buying on impulse every time you hit the mall and browse through the sale rack? You just cannot help it! You feel everything is just solely for you and you must have it all to give your already bursting wardrobe more oxygen. Shopping on sale makes you happy or should I say elevated and overexcited!  It's the release of endorphin which triggers the positive feeling in your body making you feel exhilarated! I know shopping on sale feels great but that happiness lasts temporarily until you find out that you are no longer interested in the thing which you have bought recently!

But what you should do? Looking at the sale rack and not buying anything is like going to a restaurant and not eating anything!  The sale rack is a very good way to lure you to buy more than your budget and it's the best way to wear the trends which you wanted so badly to try on but couldn't due to your tight budget and overpriced item. 

So here is why you should avoid sale rack:

1. The word "sale" gives you an excuse to buy things that you don't need I your wardrobe!

2. You concentrate more on trends than your personal style while shopping from the sale rack

3. If a shop is giving you bigger sale, it will more likely to make you shop more and hurt your budget.

4. You are going to buy items that you have spotted on your favourite celebrity and do not tend to care whether it suits you or not.

5. You are more likely to buy clothing items that are one size bigger or smaller than you if the sale is for, say 20 minutes or something.

6. You do not tend to read what it says on the label and you find out it says " dry clean only " once you reach home!

7. You mistakenly buy defective items from the sale rack and you realize this once you reach home and find a hole on your latest purchase.

8. Sale rack is going to lead you to a serious shopaholic!

9. Sale rack will make you forget about buying items that are necessary like your basic items, casual clothes and office wear and would make you dependent on latest trends. Say bye bye to capsule wardrobe! :(

10. You are more likely to buy items that you do not like but buy them just because they are cheap!

So, after reading till now do you still want to buy from sale rack? If on to know how you should avoid the sale rack....and if you say yes, you are more than welcome to read the rest of my blogpost.....and thank me later.

So, here is how you should avoid sale rack:

1. Go to your wardrobe and write down things that you "don't need" rather than things that you "need" and read the whole thing once you are done writing. That way you capture the note in your head and while shopping you won't slip into the habit of buying from sale rack.

2. Now you know what you need to buy, write those down and take the note along with you while shopping.

3. Love the latest trends? Or are you excited to buy a particular trend that you spotted on the magazine? Make a list of your favourite trends of the season! But don't go shopping yet....Swear by the "rule of 1/4"while shopping trends! Okay, I know you are confused. What I mean is you should only buy 1/4 of what you have written. Say you wrote 20 favourite trends of the season. But you are going to pick your most favourite and buy only 1/4 of what you wrote, in this case only 5! See that's the idea! This would make your shopping easier and you are more likely to avoid sale rack because the best items are least likely to go on sale.

4. Before entering your favourite store, say J. Crew, repeat couple of times that you would only buy things that you "need"!

5. Mostly the sale rack are placed at the far corner of the shop! Make it a priority that you would only check out the racks that are placed near the entrance and that you would not travel far corner of the shop to checkout the sale rack to find out what hidden treasures are there.

6. What if the sale rack is placed on the entrance of your favourite store? Avoid going to your favourite store if possible! Even if you enter the store make it a priority to buy what you need, not buy what you want.

7. What if you can't let go of what you have just spotted on the sale rack? Swear by to buy only one item from sale rack.

However sometimes it is okay to buy and get what your heart desires from the sale rack! Just do not make it a habit every time you go shopping for yourself!

So, How do you avoid sell rack?

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