Sunday, 17 July 2016

7 Must-Have Items To Shop From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you want to stock up on new items for summer to fall transitional months and feel happy about your fresh purchase then Nordstrom has a lot of things to offer than any retailer at this time of the year!!! I do not know whether I should be happy about the fact that there would be a huge sale that's coming or the fact that there is also an early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. One thing is for sure that they have a lot of trendy items than expected! Browsing the nordrtrom website I have found a couple of things which I absolutely believe that me, you and every fashionholics out there would love to have!!!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts from Friday July 22 and ends on Monday August 7th. The best part is the early access which starts on Thursday July 14th. So, how to get an early access and shop the sale a whole extra eight days before everyone else??? It is simple apply for Nordstrom card. Nordtrom lets you apply and access instantly after you are approved! Click here if you want to apply and get the best deals.

 If you are a regular reader of A Fashionholic's Life you very well know that the idea of and inspiration behind this blog is solely you!!! So, just like every time I am here to give more fashion forward tips. But this time I am going to tell you what items you should buy at this time of the year!!! Surprisingly Nordstrom has it all!!!


These are the 7 items to shop from Nordtrom!

Shirt Dress: Wear it with wedges, hoop earrings and tote bag during summer and in colder months wear it over your button down shirt. Finish the look with thin scarves and ankle boots when temperature drops.
Shop The Shirt Dress Below

Embroidered Pieces: Embroidery is an art ad embrace it with open arms by mixing and matching it with other embroidered pieces. Open up yourselves with variety of embroidered style! I am sure you would love mixing and matching.
Shop The Embroidered Pieces Below

Straw Bag: You should replace your go to structured bag with this straw bag instead because life is supposed to be fun and fashion is part of our life!!!! Wear it with monochromatic outfit.... I would love to know how you would style it.
Shop The Straw Bags Below

Waist Coat: During colder times of summer and during the transitional period of summer and fall wear this fashion forward piece over your favorite staple. For fall I would suggest you guys to wear it over your slouchy sweater. Let me know and give me some options to wear this enviable piece.
Shop Waistcoats Below

Statement Earrings: No more statement necklace! It is time for statement earrings!
Shop Statement Earrings Below

Denim Pieces: Blue denims are always in style but have you thought of playing up and looking with white denims.... Checkout different options like white denim flare pants, white denim sundress and white denim jacket.
Shop White Denim Staples Below

Flat Mules: Mules are the trendy item of the year but most people are opting for high heel mules. The first half of this year were the times of high heels and second half is for these beautiful and fashion forward flat mules. Wear this with slip dress and mini structured bag during summer and opt for slouchy sweater underneath the slip dress when the temperature drops.
Shop Flat Mules Below

Let me know what are you excited to buy and how will you style those staples in an unique way?

Happy Shopping!

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