Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Bebe Has The Best Dresses For Every Occasion

I have been looking for the perfect beach wedding dress and due to lot of options at Bebe I got literally confused! The best part about Babe is you can get anything and everything below 500 dollar! The design is spectacular and I am sure makes anyone look young and fresh! 

Here are the reasons Bebe has beautiful dresses for every occasion!

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Where: Office Party
Why: It has a beautiful shape, it has one shoulder and is midlength
Fashion Tip: It can be dressed up easily with perfect statement shoes.

Where: Casual Day During Summer At Park
Why: We all know off the shoulder is in trend but there is something about denim off the shoulder dress!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with espadrilles and backpack

Where: Club/Disco/Girl's Night Out
Why: I think it is perfect for club and discos because it is sheen and reminds me of 90s!!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with black gladiator heels and dangling earrings.

Where: Formal Event/Red Carpet/Formal Wedding
Why: Just look at the back! It is sexy yet appropriate for such events!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with dangling earrings and strappy heels

Where: Prom/ Girls Night Out/ Sexy Dinner Date
Why: Have you seen the feather at the bottom and the sequence at the top? I am sure you understand why I feel it is perfect for prom or sexy dinner date!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with metallic accessories and go for red lips.

Where: Fall Concert/ Music Festival During Fall Time
Why: The colour, the design and the fabric is perfect for fall. This would be perfect for music concert considering the prints, pattern and bohemian vibe!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with choker and moto jacket and at the same time go for feminine shoes like ballet flats

Where: Black Tie Event
Why: Really love the high low design. It is formal yet fashion forward.
Fashion Tip: Go for minimal accessories.

Where: Beach wedding
Why: The print screams waves, summer, sun and looks perfect for the beach time.
Fashion Tip: Wear it with envelope clutch

Where: Office To Dinner
Why: It is shiny yet formal which would take you from office to dinner!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with mules, structured bag and long statement necklace

Where: New Year's Party/Birthday party
Why: Metallic has always been for new year and your birthday
Fashion Tip: Wear it with neon shoes or neon bags

Where: Formal Wedding
Why: The side slit and length of the gown is perfect for formal wedding
Fashion Tip: Wear it with statement necklace

Where: Summer Music Festival
Why: The cut outs and the print at the bottom is perfect for summer festival
Fashion Tip: Wear it with fringe accessories

Where: Conservative Office
Why: The shape and the print is perfect if your office is conservative
Fashion Tip: Wear it hoop earrings and bright pumps

Where: Baby Shower/ Bridal Shower
Why: The colour the print and high-low length is perfect for such events
Fashion Tip: Wear it with statement necklace, metallic shoes and small clutch

Where:  Graduation Party
Why: It is sober and  pretty
Fashion Tip: Wear it with a watch and platform heels

Where: Meeting In-laws/ Family Dinner/ Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents
Why: The colour and the print would be approved by your in laws!
Fashion Tip: Wear it with mules or wedges and go for statement earrings

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Which dress you love the most ? Let me know in the comments below!


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