Thursday, 28 April 2016

Trend Alert: The Nude

Don't you just love how your favourite pair of nude shoe elongates your leg and makes u look leaner!!! Well it's almost said by every fashion expert from the fashion industry and written in every magazine from Vogue to Harper's Bazaar to Elle that u must have a pair of nude shoe! It goes with anything and everything!
Well, these "nude" trend is not only seen in shoes but it's every where from dress to bag to lingerie! This has been the most common yet tricky trend since a long time and I haven't got a chance to discuss about how to wear your favourite nude piece! Check out the pictures below to see some ways you incorporate this fabulous trend in your daily life!

Shop the nude items below!

Go all nude! Dressing monochrome in nude can make u look sexier and there is no doubt Kim is a master when it comes to dressing monochrome

Grecian inspired nude dress+curly hair+bejewelled clutch

Nude top+Crochet skirt+A pop of colour (it could be your bag, shoe or other accessories)

Nude Coat+Tights + Brown Bag

Nude Shoe+ Stripe Full Skirt + Cats Eye Sunglasses + Printed Shirt

Nude Skirt+ Animal Print Top+Matching belt and shoe

Nude Dress+ Drop Earrings + Matching Bag & Shoe

Nude Short Dress+ Sleeveless Waist Coat+ Grecian Inspired Lace Flats

Which outfit idea do you love the most? Let me know and shop the nude trend below!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Parsons Teen Vogue: Production Standards

As I am doing the Parsons Teen Vogue Fashion Industry Essentials certificate program I have to make various research trip. Today I am given the task to go to clothing retailer that carries different brands. I am given the task to try on different items and choose the best that fits. Then I should try on identical items for example in my case printed pants from different brands and write a blog post about the number and sizes of identical items of different brands that fits. Here I am given the task to write a blog post on the number of different sizes of the identical item that fits the best.

Since I am back in Bangladesh I went to a thrifty clothing retailer called Spark Gear which carries different brands including H&M, Zara, Marks And Spencer etc.

I have worn different items in the store and decided to do a blog post about the item that not only fits the best but looks great on me: Printed Pants. 
There were 10 Printed Pants from various brands in that store only 2 fits me the best. One is UK size 10 (Charles Voglele ) and the other is UK size 8 (Marks And Spencer).

What I learned from my research trip to Spark Gear is that different brands have different sizes and not all the brands follow the UK size chart, there are USA and Euro size charts as well. Moreover some brands have size 8 as the medium while others have it as large. 

If you are excited of doing this Parsons Teen Vogue certificate program and want to learn about production standards and how it is viewed in fashion industry then enroll in Parsons Teen Vogue now.

Parsons Teen Vogue: Retail Marketing

This is again another blog post written for the Parsons Teen Vogue to complete the certificate program in Fashion Industry Essentials. Here, I am given the task to visit local stores or malls and walk past the retail display. I am given the task to observe floor layout, main walkways, placement of sales item and composition and placement of displays. Here I am given the task to take a picture of the most compelling display and to write why it works in my blog.

Since I was in Singapore and out of my 2 resident countries, Canada and Bangladesh for a while, I decided to visit local malls of Singapore. I went to Orchard road and visited high street brand outlet that offers the best fashionable and on trend items: Zara. 

The thing that made this particular Zara outlet in Singapore to be so attractive is it is spaced out and I loved the colour coordination of displays.

This particular display has got my attention the most.

I think this above display works to attract the customers to enter the store because all the mannequin are in the middle of the sale floor and at the front facing the onlookers who are passing by the store.
What I love about this display is all the mannequins are spaced out and are placed in a zigzag way. I love the colour theme for the mannequins: Blue and White. The mannequins portrays clothes that are based on the tropical island and summer season theme. I love the fact that different and dramatic necklines are chosen for each of the mannequin showing a great visual styling of this particular Zara store. Moreover the display has roomy yet fashionable silhouette showing the SS 2016 trend. There are racks that were placed behind the 4 mannequins to shop the most covetable and on trend clothes displayed by the mannequins.

Check out Parsons Teen Vogue and enroll now to enjoy doing such challenges like "Retail Marketing".

Parsons Teen Vogue: My Audience

This is a blog post done for Parsons Teen Vogue to complete the certificate program called "Fashion Industry Essentials". As fun as this program is for learning about fashion industry essentials, this program also gives various challenges and helps to teach about social media management. I am given the task to set up an account at Hootesuite where I can link 3 of my social media links for free. Hootesuite keeps track of my audience, shares, likes etc. It also helps me to manage my posts and even helps me to schedule them on particular date and time. Moreover through Hootesuite all the things happening in 3 of my social media channel is tracked and therefore it is easy for me to know the latest happenings in my social media channels. 

So, in Hootesuite I have included my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is found that highest number of social media visitors are from USA followed by Canada and Germany. Moreover most of them are female. Moreover I have visitors coming from France, Bangladesh, Singapore. The peek time for social media visitors are Pacific Time, 7 pm.

This site Hootesuite has helped to not only to keep track of who is visiting from where or at what time but also it helped me to schedule post and see the latest post (popular posts) of those I follow, especially in Instagram. For more information and to get more knowledge about social media marketing check out Parsons Teen Vogue now!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Swap The Old Pieces In Your Closet With Unexpected And Cute Pieces This Spring!

HEY THERE! It's time to detox your wardrobe and add new items for spring which are trendy and timeless at the same time. Give yourself a new look this spring by swapping your basic and adding something remarkable and unexpected to make your look feel fresh again. We, the fashion conscious people ostensibly put on a statement making pieces to be more appreciated and liked by the public. So, I believe these simple yet statement making pieces are enough to grab attention and you could turn out to be an inspiration for other people.

So, Ann Taylor has lots to offer this spring for all those fashionistas who loves to be timeless yet on trend every season. Check out all my favourite pieces and read on to know why I preferred these over basic pieces!

READ ON till the end to SHOP each and every pieces of ANN TAYLOR shown in the post.

Swap your culottes with high waisted short culottes!

Swap your floral printed scarf with fun prints like this pineapple scarf for spring!

Vow not to wear  moto jacket for this spring and instead go for sophisticated cargo jacket.

Sure, stacked bracelets makes your wrist look beautiful and attractive but go for stacked rings instead and make your hand look prettier than it is.

A ballet is always perfect choice for spring but go for flats that are almost ballet-like. How about this flats in the picture below? These are the cute floral flats which you can wear with your sundress and jeans.

A tee in different neckline and fun colour is required for SS2016 to give your basic white tee a break. Don't you agree?

Less chunky statement necklace is much needed for spring. Coz a simple yet statement making necklace could make your face look beautiful and make your spring cardigan to stand out. What do you think of this statement making fringe necklace below? They are not chunky necklace yet they are big enough to be statement making!

A colour block sweater has been in trend but find something that has unique colours. How about this picture below? A blend of navy blue, coral and strawberry is perfect and makes the sweater an eye catching piece for the night out.

Tired of ear studd or dangling earrings? Look for something in between instead. Look for chandelier earrings like this one that is not big enough to call a dangling earrings.

If you have experimented with romper last spring. Go for playsuit or shell! Don't you love this belted gingham shell in the picture below?

Let me know which trend from above pictures you are looking forward to try and why?

Shop all the Ann Taylor pieces below.


Friday, 15 April 2016

Cool And Unique Ways To Wear Denim

HEY THERE! If you are a denim lover (obviously you are) then you must also love experimenting new ways to wear denim. So, if you want to give your jeans a break and would love to buy something different this April then you should keep reading on coz I dont want you to miss what I have just discovered. So, here is what I would like to share with you: denim can be pretty boring and look conventional. Even if you have unique ways to make your outfit look dressy and stand out; there is hardly any chance to make those heads turn around and say...omg. It's true....Denim is hard to wear but it all depends on what you are picking while shopping for the season. The trick for making your denim stand out is to shop less and go for something that you have never tried before.

Check out my top denim picks for this month:

How To Wear On Girls Night Out: A simple off the shoulder top is what you should look for this spring/summer so that you have the opportunity to play with your accessories. Go for bolder clutch like this one and finish the look with 70s fringe stilettos which were a huge hit in the runway for past couple of seasons.

  • Denim Romper Dress: Love romper? There is a whole new style for SS16 when it comes to denim. Try a romper dress in denim. Its short, fun and looks young and is the best way to update your casual look this summer.

How To Wear At Music Festival: Make it interesting by wearing it over half sleeve top in bright colour. Go for ankle booties and finish the look with  colourful bangles for perfect coachella ready outfit.

  • Denim With Print:  Be it chambray or jeans a little bit of print makes your denim look amazing and unique. Stripes are timeless and if you are lucky to find denim stripe shirt this spring, I would say grab before anyone has their hand on it. Shop the look below.

How To Wear On Date: If you are going out on a date tonight consider wearing denim stripe shirt instead of your jeans. Make it dressy with high and low skirt. Tuck your denim shirt in the skirt and go for a pop of colour by adding an accessory or going for gladiator heels.

  • Wide Leg Denim Pants: This is not exactly jeans it is somewhere between jeans and pants. The shape makes it look more like a denim wide leg pants. This spring give your flare jeans a break and go for denim wide leg pants.

How To Wear In The Office: Wide legs denim can be appropriate as an office wear if all the other separates are basic and comfortable for the office. Go for a basic shirt and low heel pumps and finish the look with straight line blazer.

  • Denim Jumpsuit: Jumpsuit are quite a thing now and have been in style for past couple of seasons. However if you think the trend is getting old and must leave then I must say hold on to it for some time and go for roomier silhouette with full sleeves in denim.

How To Wear At Brunch: Go for the very basic yet backdated rule of fashion. Match your bag and shoe and wear only one accessory like chandelier earrings.

Shop all the looks below and let me know which look is your favorite.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

How I Wear It: Flare Pant

Flare pants are in vogue and it wouldn't go out of trend this FallWinter 2015 either! Hearing this good news give you a very good chance of wearing them in various ways all throughout 2015. So...How would you wear your flare pants this year?
As its spring I kept my look fresh and stylish with season's most trendy colour,red. The White and red lace tunic gives my old fashioned grey flare pant a youthful look. I love to accesorize my look with statement pieces. So, today I wore garden inspired necklace with the spring season's IT stud earrings and finished the look with studded wedges.

Gown Style For Spring : Flowers, Petals And All The Pretty Things!

Hi, Are you attending a formal party, wedding or even red carpet event for this spring/summer? I have a fashion fix for you this spring!I know you might be bored with the plain old silhouette and so you want a change how you look at your next formal party. So, forget the usual black or signature red gown that you own. Go for the 3F rule for spring and that is: fun, flirty and feminine.

The Victorian: This dress is something to die for! Flowers, petals and full sleeves. This dress looks like its dated back to the 18th century due its cut and A-line silhouette. However there is a modern take on the dress if you consider the colour that are incorporated in the dress.

Golden Petals: Reminds me of the first week of autumn. This dress has very simple straight line silhouette and is very modern. I really adore the color of the dress and the petals are the cherry on the top.

Painter's Palette: This dress looks like its the artists palette. It looks like the artist has used his most brilliant imagination and has painted his idea on the dress. Go for very simple jewelery since the dress is enough t take all the attention away!

Comfy And Girly: If the occasion calls less formal gown and more laid back attire go for something like this baby pink floral gown. Finish the look with gladiators. Shop the look below:

Tulle And Petal: A combination of tulle and petal is majestic. To finish the look go for jeweled box clutch, jeweled clip and strappy heels in metallic.

Pretty In Pink: If you want your dress to be fun, flirty and feminine why not wear the most feminine colour in strapless neckline? Go for gown that has slits but don't go for slits that starts way past above your thigh which would be a complete no-no for a formal event. To finish the look go for metallic pumps.

Lace And Flowers: How could we forget the most delicate and feminine element invented in the history of mankind: lace. Go for lace details but do not over do lace for the formal event. Finish the look beautiful MAC eyeshadow and stilettos.

Which gown are you going to rock this spring|?

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