Sunday, 24 April 2016

Parsons Teen Vogue: My Audience

This is a blog post done for Parsons Teen Vogue to complete the certificate program called "Fashion Industry Essentials". As fun as this program is for learning about fashion industry essentials, this program also gives various challenges and helps to teach about social media management. I am given the task to set up an account at Hootesuite where I can link 3 of my social media links for free. Hootesuite keeps track of my audience, shares, likes etc. It also helps me to manage my posts and even helps me to schedule them on particular date and time. Moreover through Hootesuite all the things happening in 3 of my social media channel is tracked and therefore it is easy for me to know the latest happenings in my social media channels. 

So, in Hootesuite I have included my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is found that highest number of social media visitors are from USA followed by Canada and Germany. Moreover most of them are female. Moreover I have visitors coming from France, Bangladesh, Singapore. The peek time for social media visitors are Pacific Time, 7 pm.

This site Hootesuite has helped to not only to keep track of who is visiting from where or at what time but also it helped me to schedule post and see the latest post (popular posts) of those I follow, especially in Instagram. For more information and to get more knowledge about social media marketing check out Parsons Teen Vogue now!

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