Sunday, 24 April 2016

Parsons Teen Vogue: Production Standards

As I am doing the Parsons Teen Vogue Fashion Industry Essentials certificate program I have to make various research trip. Today I am given the task to go to clothing retailer that carries different brands. I am given the task to try on different items and choose the best that fits. Then I should try on identical items for example in my case printed pants from different brands and write a blog post about the number and sizes of identical items of different brands that fits. Here I am given the task to write a blog post on the number of different sizes of the identical item that fits the best.

Since I am back in Bangladesh I went to a thrifty clothing retailer called Spark Gear which carries different brands including H&M, Zara, Marks And Spencer etc.

I have worn different items in the store and decided to do a blog post about the item that not only fits the best but looks great on me: Printed Pants. 
There were 10 Printed Pants from various brands in that store only 2 fits me the best. One is UK size 10 (Charles Voglele ) and the other is UK size 8 (Marks And Spencer).

What I learned from my research trip to Spark Gear is that different brands have different sizes and not all the brands follow the UK size chart, there are USA and Euro size charts as well. Moreover some brands have size 8 as the medium while others have it as large. 

If you are excited of doing this Parsons Teen Vogue certificate program and want to learn about production standards and how it is viewed in fashion industry then enroll in Parsons Teen Vogue now.

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