Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fashion Lessons From: Olivia Palermo

It's no doubt that Olivia Palermo has great style! She is one of a kind who loves to mix latest trend with basics and at the same time making a statement with feminine and menswear inspired fashion. Therefore she is a trendsetter who is always the first to set a trend and at the same time never leaving her very own personal style
Check out the photos to learn the lessons and tips from the ultimate style queen. Shop all the similar looks here.

The lesson: Black and white doesn't need to be boring. You can rock this trend forever and ever if you master the art of having a great accessory in your outfit. Your eye is immediately drawn to her black bag with small satchel and feather texture and then to her ankle boots and her bow tie! See how the trick she plays with her accessory making her already polished outfit more better and stylish.

The Lesson:  Being feminine is the key to make any look fashion forward. The mini ruffle skirt draws attention.This simple sweatshirt would have looked boring and ordinary if she paired it with something equally simple. The other thing that is noticeable in her outfit is her colourblocking shoe that elongates her leg.

The lesson: It is absolutely okay to wear shorter hemline under your coat. If you are not sure about this look take lessons from the style savior herself and wear a statement cardigan and tights to make the outfit look put together.

The Lesson: Basic knit is a wardrobe necessity. Either you think this fabric makes you look bulky or you think it's so not your thing,a basic white or black knit would never go out of style.

The tip: knit topleather shorts +pastel shoe +beach tote..........=interesting??

The Lesson: A lot of statement pieces actually a statement!!! A trendsetter like her could only follow her footsteps. A lot of things to notice in this outfit....A statement shirt dress that has whimsical stripe, stunning looking layered necklaces, a statement beach tote,suede outfit to die for...

The tip: shirt dress + layered necklaces + suede heelsshades

The lesson: A great fabric,silhouette and pattern should always be considered when looking elegent. Without these three things every outfit seems lifeless.

The lesson: A fashion faux "fur" .....yes! Whether it's fur vest, jacketcoat or even a dress welcome this trend as it's the way of becoming a coveted fashionista......

The tip: light wash jeans + furpump big bags

The Lesson: Master the art of layering. Layering has always been a style challenge and to help us out we have Olivia Palermo to show us how it is done. Wear your sweater and jacket together for a more polished look. Brighten the outfit with statement making platform heels and pop of colour like this orange bag.

The tip: Navy Blazer+ Animal print sweaterplatform heels

The Lesson: A great Jacket and a shoe is great combination to make a basic attire look like million bucks. Look at how the colour blocking shoe invites attention and how that white jacket with leather sleeves metaphorically says "look at me". 

The lesson: A statement pant is the IT thing you must invest in. 

The tip: Paisley pant+ matching top and jacket

The Lesson: Buy a great coat! It's the most common lesson given by the style experts and fashion critics.If you don't have one go right away to buy a beautiful coat that has good silhouette,shape and style.

The lesson: Finally Laid back style is always preferable than any other style. So it's all about being comfortable yet managing to look fashion forward. The trick is to choose clothes that are comfortable and has great colour and shape. 

The tip: Distressed jeanscamisoleblazer+ up do+flats

Let me know in your comment which Olivia Palermo fashion lesson you loved the most and how you would wear it. Shop All The Similar Styles Below.

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