Friday, 6 March 2015

Style Tips & Tricks: Slouchy Is Creative!

There are lot of style tips to learn from new arrivals of Zara.....I created these 3 different slouchy looks from their website. 
Look 1 is for those doesn't love this trend and likes nice and proper fit. So, my advice for those who would love to try this trend is play it safe with one slouchy element rather than creating whole head to toe slouchy outfit.

Look 2 is for those who loves trying out new trends but dislikes the idea of going extreme. Therefore the look is for those who is always first on trying out new trends and is creative with outfits. Try a slouchy trendy jumpsuit with statement necklace.

Look 3 is for those divas who takes style in to next level and therefore is a trendsetter than a trend follower. So follow your heart and do whatever you like coz there is only one rule in fashion and that's no rule.

Check out the looks below and let me know which look suits you the best.

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