Friday, 20 March 2015

How To Wear: Olive And Mint

Hey Fashionholics!

Olive and mint are two of my favourite colour from past two season of fall 2014 and summer 2014. However it's not that once the colour trend is over you cannot wear your favourite colour ever again. Update it with new and old accessories, plus try new layering trick to update your look.

Check out the outfit of the day to know more.

1. Wear olive over mint: for a slimming effect go for something in dark colour on top and light on bottom if you have a inverted triangle shape like me. Either way make sure your mint peeps out from under your olive. As mint is brighter and beautiful colour and olive is a dull colour give more attention to olive. Go for sheer olive shirt in dramatic sleeves and wear a mint corset or tank top underneath. Here I wore olive shrug with pleats on both sides over a shear lace mint tunic top. I also wore a print tank top in the same colour family (forest green) underneath the mint lace tunic.

2. Bright shoe with light bottoms: A light colour pant like this white skinny one looks great with bright shoe. So this floral printed wedge is perfect to balance my look. 

3. watch it: when all else fail rely on watch because it is indeed timeless!

4. Lace and Cotton: This spring utilise your power of feminine dressing in a different way. Pair different fabrics in different colour. Wear your mint and olive in different fabrics with and add different colours to this mint and olive combo. Here I went for olive cotton shrug and mint lace tunic with white skinny pants.

5. Peekaboo necklace: Until now you have heard of peekaboo clothes, let me now introduce peekaboo necklace. Surely the black and bubble one draws much attention here with its different shape bubbles in 4 different solid colours. But I layered it with a silver bubble necklace in similar shape bubbles to draw somewhat a little attention and adding a little bit of fun to my whole look.

6. Smart layering in spring/summer: if you want to layer in summer pick light weight fabrics in pastel or light colours. Or you can mix darker and lighter colour keeping your fabrics light with less texture. Go for white, pastel and lighter colours.

7. Statement Wedges: Instead of your usual pump shoe or platform this spring go for wedges in statement print or design. I opted for 3d floral printed wedges with my mint, olive and white outfit combination.

Let me know how would you wear this mint and olive colour combination in the comments section below.

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