Sunday, 22 March 2015

What To Wear: Weekend Lunch Brunch

Hey Fashionholics! 

My weekend lunch brunch is always exciting with family and freinds and it's always incomplete without my knee length sun dresses. Instead of my usual signature knee length dresses with tights and ankle boots, I opted for American Eagle skinny jeans, shrug and a dress! Yes a sundress dress tucked in the skinny jeans can be a deceiving fashion trick!

Read on to know about tips on what to wear at a luch brunch.

1. Tuck your dress in your skinny: Well everyone has been wearing this common trend of wearing your dress over your pants. Try this statement style of wearing your dress as your top by tucking it in your skinny. Plus it's a way of utilising your dresses which you don't tend to wear much and a way of upgrading your dress in a new style.

2. Ethnic style: I am always inspired by boho and tend to go for globally inspired accessories. This peacock style earring is inspired by India and the pink and fushia pink is a great colour combination. Peacock defines beauty and grace and this earring is perfect to describe it. So, The earring looks perfect with grey shrug and blue jeans.

3. Floral under sheer: For a mysteriously sexy yet romantic look nothing looks better than floral under sheer. For a luch brunch go for pastel colour florals with simple sheer shrug finish the look with wedges.

4. Shades of a single colour: my whole outfit has shades of purple from earrings to wedges. Add shades of  a single colour in your outfit to dress up your jeans for the lunch brunch.

5. Add drama to dress up your jeans: dress up your jeans for a lunch brunch with perfect and bright accessories and dramatic shrug or top. Look for dramatic blouses like poetic blouses or Victorian blouses. You can also opt for fringe shrug or kimono style shrug. Add a little bit of drama to make your jeans ready for the party.

6. Braid it: Braids are fun. Well, since last 4 season braids are seen everywhere from bags to shoes, from necklace to dresses. Upgrade your lunch brunch look with braided accessories.

Let me know how was your weekend lunch brunch and what did you wear. Also let me know in the comments below how would you dress up your jeans.

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