Monday, 23 March 2015

Trends To Try: Prada AW2015

Hey Fashionholics!

There were lot of things common in Milan Fashion Week. One of them is feminine dressing. Prada had its model walked in 50s inspired fit and flare dress, Peter Pan collar and dress over shirt. There were some other trends which were spotted and I would love to try. 

Check out the trends below to know more about tips on how to dress them.

1. Spaghetti strap: Prada shows that you can look elegent and feminine in your spaghetti strap dresses and tops.
Fashion Tip: wear it over a turtle neck sleeve less top instead of the usual full sleeve.

2. Sleeveless Coat/blazer: again just spaghetti strap sleeveless coats can be elegent. Prada went for lots tweeds and polished sleeveless coat.
Fashion Tip: wear it with half sleeve shirt and long gloves to bring back the 30s.

3. All over tweed: perhaps the most coveted trend of the year 
Fashion Tip: Wear tweeds in brown, black or cream and break the monotonous look with colourful bags and shoes.

4. On your shoulder: there were interesting detail on the shoulder and sleeves. There were interesting details like bows or fur.
Fashion Tip: make this trend the centre of attention by going without any extra or catchy accessories.

5. Waterproof: Interesting as it seems Prada went for shiny acrylic, pvc and other waterproof fabrics.
Fashion Tip: when it's chilly, windy and little slowly out there keep yourself dry by going for waterproof fabrics and long gloves. Wear brooch to finish off the look. 

6. Pastel and polished: yes the colours are sorbet and it looks pretty cute!!! but at the same time Prada kept it vintage and polished.
Fashion Tip: try wearing pastel suit with bright shirt underneath. Button up your coat to show only the collar of your bright shirt.

Well, I love most of Prada's Autumn winter 2015 trend but these were my top favourites. Something which I would definitely try is sleeveless coat. What is your favourite trend let me know in the comments below.

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