Friday, 26 August 2016

Make Your Eyes Prettier with Eye Lash Extentions From Groupons

I have tons of eye shadows and mascara and I must say I love them all. However when I want to look pretty instantly and in a hurry I tend to avoid mascaras and eye shadow. I tend to look pale and feel as if something important is missing from my look. I know it's just way to hard to pull of the best eye make up when you are in a rush or when you need to go to a dinner date. So, in that case eyelash extensions are best to make your eye makeup look pretty and standout. I mean you can save your time by not going for the hassle of mascara and applying an eyelash extension instead. Even if you do not apply eye shadow or liner, eyelash extension itself is a stand out piece to make your eyes and face look instantly gorgeous.

Guess what which site has the best eyelash extension to make your eyes look instantly seducing and are affordable? Groupon would surely have something for us fashionistas and beauty lovers!!! Read my 3 tips to make your eyes look standout below.

The eyelash extensions from groupon are to die for. The best pasrt is the eye lash extensions have atleast 50% off and more. 

Here are 3 tips to make your eyes look instantly fresh.

1. Minimalistic & Beautiful: Apply two shades of earthy tone eye shadow and finish the look with Mink Eye lash extension from groupon.

2. Futuristic: Go for silver eyecshadow as the base and make it smokey near the outer corner of the eye by applying dark grey eye shadow. Finish the look with Mink Eye Lash Extension at brave lashes.

3. Barbie Doll: Go for mauve for our base and violet for the outer corner of the eye. Finish the look with Eye lash extensions at KS beauty lounges.

Here are more pictures from Groupon you should check out now!!!

You should also check out their Facebook & Twitter to get best deals and discounts from Groupon.

Here is the Groupon Eyelash Extension Link:

I would like to let you know that this is a sponsor post and all opinions are mine.

Which eyelash extension you would love to try? Let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Save Money While Shopping Using Groupon Coupons!!!

It's been a long time I do not go for shopping and I am thinking before I go I should share this with you. Groupon gives you the opportunity to save money while shopping. Isn't that great??? I mean who doesn't want to save money while shopping.

All you have to do is go to Groupon Coupon and click the get coupon code and go to the shopping site. I really do feel this is absolutely amazing for all the fashionistas out there who are regular shoppers and love to save money at the same time.

I really love Groupon because its easy to use and you get the coupon with the click of a button!!! I have recently started to become a collector of coupon and have just started using this site, I must say i love it.

Speaking of Groupon I just remembered that I really need to do fall shopping this year because I am absolutely going crazy over the velvet trend, bell sleeve, off the shoulder and embroidered pants. I believe no one has it better than Macys and Saks Fifth Avenue. Great news is there  181 coupons available, guys, and I am surely going to use the coupon code with 15% off on my next purchase.

There is another shop that has attracted me a lot when it comes to blouses and cute tops and that is Forever 21 with 52 coupons available at Groupon. Moreover Fall is coming and I am surely going to use the 50% off on outerwear at Forever 21.

Since i am thinking of changing my style lately and getting a makeover I decided to stop wearing my printed pants and flare skirts and opt for something that is basic and sophisticated. You hear me right, I am want something basic and minimalistic for Fall. I was thinking of shopping for dress pants and white button shirt. I found beautiful dress pants and white button shirt at JC Penney  and i am surely going to use the coupon code of Flash Sale;30% off.

If you love fashion here are the list of shops I think from where you should get coupon codes.

Here are the Groupon social media links you should check out.

Click the link to start getting coupon codes:

I would like you to know that this is a sponsored post and all opinions are solely mine.

I would love to know where and what are you going to shop next and which Groupon Coupons are you excited to use ???

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fashion Lessons From: Madonna

 Just like her top charts her iconic looks are something that we can't seem to forget that easily. Can we? At A Fashionholic's Life everything is about women, beauty, fashion and their beautiful and amazing lifestyle. So speaking of gorgeous women we cannot forget Madonna for being fabulous and cool at her age! Let's celebrate being women with my personal favourite fashion forward looks of her. There are so many fashion lessons to learn from this beautiful and iconic lady. Here are some of the most creative looks. Checkout 9 of her fashion lessons below.

1. A boho dress in mid length looks great with over the knee boots and boho jewelleries.
2. Dress up your nautical strips top with wide leg pants or palazzo. Dress it up with brooches.
3. Match your top with your head scarf this year and finish the look with edgy accessories.
4. Next time you go out shopping for crop top look for bell sleeve crop top and wear it with shiny pants to update your evening look.
5. Wear voluminous sleeve top with flare jeans for girls night out.
6. A pastel coat looks great with printed pastel pants, don't u agree?
7. Wear your denim jacket in a different way. Button it up at the back! Wear it with trendy mini, jeggings and sneakers.
8. Forget LBD go for black midi dress and dress it up with Mary Jane and red lipstick.
9. Wear your trendy ruffle dress with barrett and over the knee boots for evening and finish the look with gold clutch.

Shop her styles below.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Tricks To look Put Together & Sophisticated

There are certain tricks that helps us women to look put together, polished and stylish and we all know these tricks like clinching a belt and layering structured pieces but looking put together also depends on the print and quality of the clothing item you are opting for. It also depends on your confidence level.

Well, all my life I have struggled with looking for pieces that would instantly make me feel ladylike and polished. It's just not about carrying structured bag and wearing sophisticated outfit but it's more than that. It's also about opting for perfect accessories that creatively balance the look.

Check out the pictures and read my tricks on looking put together and sophisticated.

So, the next time you shop for sophisticated items look for smaller, neat and less abstract prints on the top to ace the polished look.

Shop small printed tops below

Go for one single big cuff or bracelet because there is a very good chance that multiple layering of bracelet could make you feel and look casual.
Shop big cuffs and bracelets below

It's also about the posture. Work on your posture, especially how u stand and walk.

Wear  a statement necklace without drawing too much attention. What I mean is look for sophisticated and dark colours. Look for timeless once.
Shop statement necklace below

Contrasting colours always makes your outfit look polished. If your top is light , go for dark bottoms.

Shop pinstripes pants below

When your outfit is larger than you, opt for a belt and make it look put together. 
Shop belts below 

Platform heels, pumps and loafers are better than wedges to make your outfit look sophisticated. And also go for light pastel colours for shoe when you are in doubt. 
Shop platform heels, pumps and loafers

Go for bags that has solid colour, or if you are going for two three toned make sure your bag is a structured one.
Shop solid colour bags and polished bags

You would definitely master the art of looking put together and stylish only when you are confident. Therefore having enough confidence on yourself with passion for fashion would help you achieve whatever style you want.

I would love to know what you think about this post. 

I would also like to know what are your tricks to look put together and sophisticated.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

In Love With Irresistible Me

It is said that great things come in small packages and I must say its true! And now the brand called irresistible me has forced me to believe that great things also come in irresistible and cute package. As soon as this parcel arrived I was amazed to see the unique and fashion forward package. 

I am happy to get these three beautiful bands from "Irresistible Me" not only because they are beautiful and are great addition to my hair accessories section but because because they are light weight! These are not as heavy as they look like and on the contrary doesn't feel that u have put on a band.

you should checkout their website here

Here are other social media links of Irresistible Me:






Google Plus

Checkout the packages, photos and read all the fashion tips below.

So these are the headbands that I got from Irresistible Me.They are called Ruby headband, Celine headband and Grace headband.

Two Ways To Wear Grace Headband: 
1. It is super cute and would look great with feminine outfit. I would suggest go for pastel and pink separates and finished the look with cute platforms.
2. Wear it with Moto jacket and leather pants and finish the look with loafers

Two Ways To Wear Ruby Headband: 
1. White separates would surely look great with this headband. 
2. Nothing would look great as polka dot outfit if you are opting for this beautiful ruby headband.

Two Way To Wear Celine Headband: 
1. Toughen this headband with either dark clothing pieces or choker.
2. Wear it with sophisticated, classic and timeless piece like little black dress and white button down shirt.

Here are more pictures of these beautiful "Irresistible Me" Bands.

I would like you to know that this is a sponsor post and the opinions are solely mine.

Here is the link to Irresistible Me

Let me know which one is your favourite and how you would wear them.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

What To Wear Instead Of Shorts This Summer

I know all summer you have been wearing shorts and you suddenly came across my post suggesting you not to wear shorts and you are like pretty confused. It's almost end of summer and you should take out your trusted old pyjamas and anything that still shouts summer. I mean just because the summer season is ending doesn't mean you have to stop being fun and fabulous, right? And if you are one of those who have sweared to wear shorts for summer and suddenly you find them repetitive and boring I must suggest read my post to know what you should opt for instead of shorts.

Shop all the must have pants for summer below

Floral Comfy Pants: No, don't reach for sweat pants this year because I don't want you to repeat last year's trend Go for comfy pants in floral print! They are super cute and can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.
Fashion Tip: Wear it with longer crop top,loafers and statement necklace.

Printed Culottes: Culottes are pretty much an old trend now but they are any fashionistas go to item. If you need a bit of coverage from the sun ditch your shorts and opt for cute culottes!
Fashion Tip: Wear printed culottes with printed top and all you have to do is opt for solid colour accessories.

Printed Skinny Pants: Ditch wide leg and flares and welcome the long lost and forgotten trend: the skinny ! 
Fashion Tip: Wear printed skinny pants with formal shirt and statement colourful wedges.

Shop Similar Looks Below

Monday, 1 August 2016

7 Things I Want In My Dream Closet

Do you feel that you have nothing to wear even you have closet full of clothes? That happens to everyone and it happens not because you are in style rut and you are struggling with personal style rather it happens because your closet staples are not placed properly or because you may have less space. Trust me this is what I have realized very recently when I was standing in front of my closet holding my jeans. There was no way I could find my floral peasant top because it was somewhere hidden in the pile of clothes. The worst parts are struggling to find perfect layering piece. This is because I have placed all my tops and layering pieces together! I know sounds daunting. 

A bigger closet would definitely make me content coz lets be honest, bigger closet equals more opportunity to shop. I have always wanted a closet that's bigger than my room because that's the part of my home where I am definite that I could find pure happiness. Not that I am not happy in any other parts of my house, but I always feel that a woman's closet should be her escape zone : a fantasy world.

For me a fantasy world doesn't not only mean the trendiest and the most beautiful clothing and accessories but also lounge area, a TV, a beauty section or dressing table and a separate shoe room. 

There is this site that would help you get your dream closet just the way you want! So, Are you looking for new ways to declutter your closet space and turn it in to your fantasy world ? Then you should checkout Make Space

The best part about Make Space is their blog! They have lots of tips on how to declutter a closet!

Here are the 7 things I want in my dream closet.

1. A separate shoe room inside the closet would be fun to have. I would love my shoe room to have a unique door or a unique entrance like a curved glass door.

2. Lounge area with a tv and a bar is extra cherry on the cake! Don't you agree? I would love to have a closet where I can dress up and also relax. A lounge area where I can bring my fashionista friends and swap our clothes, play dress up, watch tv and have drinks would be an ideal place for myself and an excuse to catch with my friends.

3. Beauty table/ dressing table is what I need to keep all my favourite beauty products in one place. I need a place where I can calmly sit, look in the mirror and apply my favourite make up products

4. A closet specifically for jewellery is what I want because I love and have tons of statement necklace and earrings. Guess what? I want the closet door to look like Jewelry box.

5. Magazine Rack is also needed when I am out of style inspiration on gloomy days. 

6. A photo frame showcasing my favourite looks and styles of myself over the years would be great! This is because as a fashion blogger I should always encourage myself to be better than before and work harder and so the photos of my previous looks would remind me this every day.

7. Since my personal style is statement making and experimental a mood board is definitely a must have thing for me. Not only because I would get style inspiration from this but I also think this would refresh my mind and would make me creative.

So, these are the 7 things apart from wardrobe staples , I absolutely want in my dream closet!

Dont forget to checkout Makes Space for their awesome storage and closet ideas.

Link here

Make sure you check out their blog too for decluttering tips and more

Link Here

I am looking forward to know what you want in your dream closet and how you would decorate it? 


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