Thursday, 11 August 2016

In Love With Irresistible Me

It is said that great things come in small packages and I must say its true! And now the brand called irresistible me has forced me to believe that great things also come in irresistible and cute package. As soon as this parcel arrived I was amazed to see the unique and fashion forward package. 

I am happy to get these three beautiful bands from "Irresistible Me" not only because they are beautiful and are great addition to my hair accessories section but because because they are light weight! These are not as heavy as they look like and on the contrary doesn't feel that u have put on a band.

you should checkout their website here

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Checkout the packages, photos and read all the fashion tips below.

So these are the headbands that I got from Irresistible Me.They are called Ruby headband, Celine headband and Grace headband.

Two Ways To Wear Grace Headband: 
1. It is super cute and would look great with feminine outfit. I would suggest go for pastel and pink separates and finished the look with cute platforms.
2. Wear it with Moto jacket and leather pants and finish the look with loafers

Two Ways To Wear Ruby Headband: 
1. White separates would surely look great with this headband. 
2. Nothing would look great as polka dot outfit if you are opting for this beautiful ruby headband.

Two Way To Wear Celine Headband: 
1. Toughen this headband with either dark clothing pieces or choker.
2. Wear it with sophisticated, classic and timeless piece like little black dress and white button down shirt.

Here are more pictures of these beautiful "Irresistible Me" Bands.

I would like you to know that this is a sponsor post and the opinions are solely mine.

Here is the link to Irresistible Me

Let me know which one is your favourite and how you would wear them.

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