Friday, 26 August 2016

Make Your Eyes Prettier with Eye Lash Extentions From Groupons

I have tons of eye shadows and mascara and I must say I love them all. However when I want to look pretty instantly and in a hurry I tend to avoid mascaras and eye shadow. I tend to look pale and feel as if something important is missing from my look. I know it's just way to hard to pull of the best eye make up when you are in a rush or when you need to go to a dinner date. So, in that case eyelash extensions are best to make your eye makeup look pretty and standout. I mean you can save your time by not going for the hassle of mascara and applying an eyelash extension instead. Even if you do not apply eye shadow or liner, eyelash extension itself is a stand out piece to make your eyes and face look instantly gorgeous.

Guess what which site has the best eyelash extension to make your eyes look instantly seducing and are affordable? Groupon would surely have something for us fashionistas and beauty lovers!!! Read my 3 tips to make your eyes look standout below.

The eyelash extensions from groupon are to die for. The best pasrt is the eye lash extensions have atleast 50% off and more. 

Here are 3 tips to make your eyes look instantly fresh.

1. Minimalistic & Beautiful: Apply two shades of earthy tone eye shadow and finish the look with Mink Eye lash extension from groupon.

2. Futuristic: Go for silver eyecshadow as the base and make it smokey near the outer corner of the eye by applying dark grey eye shadow. Finish the look with Mink Eye Lash Extension at brave lashes.

3. Barbie Doll: Go for mauve for our base and violet for the outer corner of the eye. Finish the look with Eye lash extensions at KS beauty lounges.

Here are more pictures from Groupon you should check out now!!!

You should also check out their Facebook & Twitter to get best deals and discounts from Groupon.

Here is the Groupon Eyelash Extension Link:

I would like to let you know that this is a sponsor post and all opinions are mine.

Which eyelash extension you would love to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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