Monday, 1 August 2016

7 Things I Want In My Dream Closet

Do you feel that you have nothing to wear even you have closet full of clothes? That happens to everyone and it happens not because you are in style rut and you are struggling with personal style rather it happens because your closet staples are not placed properly or because you may have less space. Trust me this is what I have realized very recently when I was standing in front of my closet holding my jeans. There was no way I could find my floral peasant top because it was somewhere hidden in the pile of clothes. The worst parts are struggling to find perfect layering piece. This is because I have placed all my tops and layering pieces together! I know sounds daunting. 

A bigger closet would definitely make me content coz lets be honest, bigger closet equals more opportunity to shop. I have always wanted a closet that's bigger than my room because that's the part of my home where I am definite that I could find pure happiness. Not that I am not happy in any other parts of my house, but I always feel that a woman's closet should be her escape zone : a fantasy world.

For me a fantasy world doesn't not only mean the trendiest and the most beautiful clothing and accessories but also lounge area, a TV, a beauty section or dressing table and a separate shoe room. 

There is this site that would help you get your dream closet just the way you want! So, Are you looking for new ways to declutter your closet space and turn it in to your fantasy world ? Then you should checkout Make Space

The best part about Make Space is their blog! They have lots of tips on how to declutter a closet!

Here are the 7 things I want in my dream closet.

1. A separate shoe room inside the closet would be fun to have. I would love my shoe room to have a unique door or a unique entrance like a curved glass door.

2. Lounge area with a tv and a bar is extra cherry on the cake! Don't you agree? I would love to have a closet where I can dress up and also relax. A lounge area where I can bring my fashionista friends and swap our clothes, play dress up, watch tv and have drinks would be an ideal place for myself and an excuse to catch with my friends.

3. Beauty table/ dressing table is what I need to keep all my favourite beauty products in one place. I need a place where I can calmly sit, look in the mirror and apply my favourite make up products

4. A closet specifically for jewellery is what I want because I love and have tons of statement necklace and earrings. Guess what? I want the closet door to look like Jewelry box.

5. Magazine Rack is also needed when I am out of style inspiration on gloomy days. 

6. A photo frame showcasing my favourite looks and styles of myself over the years would be great! This is because as a fashion blogger I should always encourage myself to be better than before and work harder and so the photos of my previous looks would remind me this every day.

7. Since my personal style is statement making and experimental a mood board is definitely a must have thing for me. Not only because I would get style inspiration from this but I also think this would refresh my mind and would make me creative.

So, these are the 7 things apart from wardrobe staples , I absolutely want in my dream closet!

Dont forget to checkout Makes Space for their awesome storage and closet ideas.

Link here

Make sure you check out their blog too for decluttering tips and more

Link Here

I am looking forward to know what you want in your dream closet and how you would decorate it? 


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