Friday, 8 April 2016

No More Print Shaming!

Wearing prints from the same colour family are so last season and since its 2016 I believe, fashion has emerged in a new and more refined way. In this era people would do anything to put a stop at the stereotypes and go out of their way to stop all the 'shamings' that they have previously encountered by  doing blog posts, posting videos, pictures etc. So here I am to stop print shaming. 

So, what is basically print shaming and why people are oppose to the idea of trying completely different prints in different colours? It's basically because we would end up looking fat and bigger than our true size. However isn't the idea of fashion to play with different patterns, prints, fabrics, styles, design and accessories? So, I don't know why people are oppose to the idea of trying different prints in different colours and patterns! If you are worried about prints making you look bigger than what you are try different accessories to divert the attention from the large print and making your whole look proportioned and balance.

Check out my pictures below to let me know about what you think about my mixing of two different prints in completely different colours. I opted for dotted pajamas and check print top.

If you are heavy in the top just like me, divert the attention away from your prints by opting for big top handle structured bag in light colour. I opted for beige top handle structured bag from Aldo. 

As I have mentioned accessories are key element in your outfit that could do wonders and even make you look lean, try unexpected colours when it comes to accessories. Go for lighter accessories if your prints look darker. Wear light colour accessories on or near the narrowest part of your body! For example since my hips are narrowest part of my body I went for powder blue shell cuff bracelet to divert the attention away from my print and make my body look proportional.

Blending your accessories with your print is also the trick to be fashion forward and lean..... Go for accessories with colours that are similar to your prints. Not necessarily you have to go for same colour accessories as your printed separates but wear something that blends naturally. It's a trick to make the prints look surprisingly good. I opted for light green statement necklace which blends with my printed top
In my outfit there are not three or four but six colours (black, brown, beige, powder blue, Crimson, light green) and they surprisingly blends making me look leaner and proportional. The trick is not in the prints, cuts, shapes and silhouette but on the accessories that are adorned which executed well.
Let me what you think about my outfit!  
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