Thursday, 14 April 2016

Gown Style For Spring : Flowers, Petals And All The Pretty Things!

Hi, Are you attending a formal party, wedding or even red carpet event for this spring/summer? I have a fashion fix for you this spring!I know you might be bored with the plain old silhouette and so you want a change how you look at your next formal party. So, forget the usual black or signature red gown that you own. Go for the 3F rule for spring and that is: fun, flirty and feminine.

The Victorian: This dress is something to die for! Flowers, petals and full sleeves. This dress looks like its dated back to the 18th century due its cut and A-line silhouette. However there is a modern take on the dress if you consider the colour that are incorporated in the dress.

Golden Petals: Reminds me of the first week of autumn. This dress has very simple straight line silhouette and is very modern. I really adore the color of the dress and the petals are the cherry on the top.

Painter's Palette: This dress looks like its the artists palette. It looks like the artist has used his most brilliant imagination and has painted his idea on the dress. Go for very simple jewelery since the dress is enough t take all the attention away!

Comfy And Girly: If the occasion calls less formal gown and more laid back attire go for something like this baby pink floral gown. Finish the look with gladiators. Shop the look below:

Tulle And Petal: A combination of tulle and petal is majestic. To finish the look go for jeweled box clutch, jeweled clip and strappy heels in metallic.

Pretty In Pink: If you want your dress to be fun, flirty and feminine why not wear the most feminine colour in strapless neckline? Go for gown that has slits but don't go for slits that starts way past above your thigh which would be a complete no-no for a formal event. To finish the look go for metallic pumps.

Lace And Flowers: How could we forget the most delicate and feminine element invented in the history of mankind: lace. Go for lace details but do not over do lace for the formal event. Finish the look beautiful MAC eyeshadow and stilettos.

Which gown are you going to rock this spring|?

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