Thursday, 7 April 2016

How To Wear: Long Summer Coats

Being a Bangladeshi Canadian woman I always had to go through hurdles and difficulties for wearing what I like. There has always been negative attitude and remarks towards my clothing from my mom, grandma and some of my relatives. There is no freedom of choice, no freedom to express yourself and no freedom to express yourself through clothing. However I was adamant and always ignored what others thought and felt about what I believe.

One common thing that I had to hear while dressing up is to put on a scarf with whatever you are wearing. This could be Because the South Asian societys have traditional clothing called Salwaar Kameez that they see it as decent, appropriate and not "vulger". Therefore I was always tired of ruining my entire outfit with stupid scarves

Thanks to all the SS 2016 runway and season before that for coming up with the long summer coat trend and saving me from all the tantrums that I had go through from my mom. She thinks the long coats are decent enough and can do the work of the traditional scarf. I have no idea what she means. Great thing is I can dress it up or dress it down but you would still look decent yet stylish.

So, here is how  I wore my long summer coat.

Layering is still fun in summer. It's all about choosing the right length. I went for short printed crop top over a long lace tank in deep mint green to make my look unexpectedly fashion forward. Moreover the dark yet romantic print of crop top looks gorgeous against the soft floral print of long coat.

As the outfit itself look dramatic because of the long coat and looks it's going to be swift off by the wind. So, why not go for accessories that are dramatic as well? Fringe earrings are fun and a earthy tone makes my outfit sober yet dramatic.

Ditch your jeans and black formal pants. And make your outfit standout with a dark and daring colour. How about Oxblood?

An outfit is complete with a statement shoe. Next time go for unexpected colour combos in your outfit.
Hoping to hear from what you have got to say about how you wear your long summer coats.
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