Sunday, 24 April 2016

Parsons Teen Vogue: Retail Marketing

This is again another blog post written for the Parsons Teen Vogue to complete the certificate program in Fashion Industry Essentials. Here, I am given the task to visit local stores or malls and walk past the retail display. I am given the task to observe floor layout, main walkways, placement of sales item and composition and placement of displays. Here I am given the task to take a picture of the most compelling display and to write why it works in my blog.

Since I was in Singapore and out of my 2 resident countries, Canada and Bangladesh for a while, I decided to visit local malls of Singapore. I went to Orchard road and visited high street brand outlet that offers the best fashionable and on trend items: Zara. 

The thing that made this particular Zara outlet in Singapore to be so attractive is it is spaced out and I loved the colour coordination of displays.

This particular display has got my attention the most.

I think this above display works to attract the customers to enter the store because all the mannequin are in the middle of the sale floor and at the front facing the onlookers who are passing by the store.
What I love about this display is all the mannequins are spaced out and are placed in a zigzag way. I love the colour theme for the mannequins: Blue and White. The mannequins portrays clothes that are based on the tropical island and summer season theme. I love the fact that different and dramatic necklines are chosen for each of the mannequin showing a great visual styling of this particular Zara store. Moreover the display has roomy yet fashionable silhouette showing the SS 2016 trend. There are racks that were placed behind the 4 mannequins to shop the most covetable and on trend clothes displayed by the mannequins.

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