Thursday, 28 April 2016

Trend Alert: The Nude

Don't you just love how your favourite pair of nude shoe elongates your leg and makes u look leaner!!! Well it's almost said by every fashion expert from the fashion industry and written in every magazine from Vogue to Harper's Bazaar to Elle that u must have a pair of nude shoe! It goes with anything and everything!
Well, these "nude" trend is not only seen in shoes but it's every where from dress to bag to lingerie! This has been the most common yet tricky trend since a long time and I haven't got a chance to discuss about how to wear your favourite nude piece! Check out the pictures below to see some ways you incorporate this fabulous trend in your daily life!

Shop the nude items below!

Go all nude! Dressing monochrome in nude can make u look sexier and there is no doubt Kim is a master when it comes to dressing monochrome

Grecian inspired nude dress+curly hair+bejewelled clutch

Nude top+Crochet skirt+A pop of colour (it could be your bag, shoe or other accessories)

Nude Coat+Tights + Brown Bag

Nude Shoe+ Stripe Full Skirt + Cats Eye Sunglasses + Printed Shirt

Nude Skirt+ Animal Print Top+Matching belt and shoe

Nude Dress+ Drop Earrings + Matching Bag & Shoe

Nude Short Dress+ Sleeveless Waist Coat+ Grecian Inspired Lace Flats

Which outfit idea do you love the most? Let me know and shop the nude trend below!

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