Friday, 27 March 2015

Pick Of The Day: Fruity Maxi Dress

Hey Fashionholics!!!

It's fruity and it's trendy....check out my new maxi dress! The flowy maxi dress in fruity print is absolutely perfect for spring. I went for my usual favourite spiky wedges and white cardigan. I wanted the necklace and bag to stand out I opted for this unique Egyptian style necklace and snakes skin animal print bag. 

Read to know more about this spring outfit of mine.

1. Push up the sleeves of your cardigan: As I have mentioned earlier in my old post spring is for fun prints, I am sticking with what I said before.....this time I choosed fruity maxi dress which has big green apple prints. I added an extra glamorous item like this white cardigan and pushed up my sleeves to give it a laid back look.

2. Wedges + maxi dress: this 70s fashion tip should be noted because this season is all about 70s with lots of colour and interesting trends like suede, fringe, flare pants and flare jeans.

3. Take your bag as your clutch: carry your bag as your clutch and take off or hide the satchel inside your bag. 

4. Go for Egyptian style: this necklace reminds me of beautiful Egypt and cleopatra and is absolutely perfect for your night out with freinds or dinner date.

5. A messy bun is always fun: messy bun adds mysteriously sexy look to any outfit and goes with flowy and feminine dress. When in doubt try this fabulous easy and fuss free hairstyle.

6. Animal print + fruity print: try this trend out and mix and match prints like trendsetter....mix fruity prints with animal print to add little bit of edgyness to your spring outfit.

Tell me what is your pick of the day....and how would you wear fruity print and maxi dresses this spring??? Let me know in the comments below.


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Inspired By: Scotland

What are you inspired by today? 

Today I m inspired by Plaid, Scottish bagpipes, famous castle of Edinburgh and festival of August.

Today I wore my Suzy Shier Midi Plaid Dress over my Button Down White Shirt and Tights. I opted for this Statement Pearl and Animal Print Necklaces to make my look stand out. Instead of usual Black Pump I choosed to be dramatic with Colour Block Shoes.To finish my look I added a Pearl Head Band and a Simple Watch. Let me know how would you wear your Plaids.

Keinan Shipka makes it look school girl with Tights and Ankle Boots and Chung on the other hand keeps it cool with Black Cardigan and Strappy Black Sandal.

I also love how Emma gave her look a tough girl vibe with Moto Jacket and at the same time gave it a feminine twists with Black Pump.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Trends To Try: Prada AW2015

Hey Fashionholics!

There were lot of things common in Milan Fashion Week. One of them is feminine dressing. Prada had its model walked in 50s inspired fit and flare dress, Peter Pan collar and dress over shirt. There were some other trends which were spotted and I would love to try. 

Check out the trends below to know more about tips on how to dress them.

1. Spaghetti strap: Prada shows that you can look elegent and feminine in your spaghetti strap dresses and tops.
Fashion Tip: wear it over a turtle neck sleeve less top instead of the usual full sleeve.

2. Sleeveless Coat/blazer: again just spaghetti strap sleeveless coats can be elegent. Prada went for lots tweeds and polished sleeveless coat.
Fashion Tip: wear it with half sleeve shirt and long gloves to bring back the 30s.

3. All over tweed: perhaps the most coveted trend of the year 
Fashion Tip: Wear tweeds in brown, black or cream and break the monotonous look with colourful bags and shoes.

4. On your shoulder: there were interesting detail on the shoulder and sleeves. There were interesting details like bows or fur.
Fashion Tip: make this trend the centre of attention by going without any extra or catchy accessories.

5. Waterproof: Interesting as it seems Prada went for shiny acrylic, pvc and other waterproof fabrics.
Fashion Tip: when it's chilly, windy and little slowly out there keep yourself dry by going for waterproof fabrics and long gloves. Wear brooch to finish off the look. 

6. Pastel and polished: yes the colours are sorbet and it looks pretty cute!!! but at the same time Prada kept it vintage and polished.
Fashion Tip: try wearing pastel suit with bright shirt underneath. Button up your coat to show only the collar of your bright shirt.

Well, I love most of Prada's Autumn winter 2015 trend but these were my top favourites. Something which I would definitely try is sleeveless coat. What is your favourite trend let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

What To Wear: Weekend Lunch Brunch

Hey Fashionholics! 

My weekend lunch brunch is always exciting with family and freinds and it's always incomplete without my knee length sun dresses. Instead of my usual signature knee length dresses with tights and ankle boots, I opted for American Eagle skinny jeans, shrug and a dress! Yes a sundress dress tucked in the skinny jeans can be a deceiving fashion trick!

Read on to know about tips on what to wear at a luch brunch.

1. Tuck your dress in your skinny: Well everyone has been wearing this common trend of wearing your dress over your pants. Try this statement style of wearing your dress as your top by tucking it in your skinny. Plus it's a way of utilising your dresses which you don't tend to wear much and a way of upgrading your dress in a new style.

2. Ethnic style: I am always inspired by boho and tend to go for globally inspired accessories. This peacock style earring is inspired by India and the pink and fushia pink is a great colour combination. Peacock defines beauty and grace and this earring is perfect to describe it. So, The earring looks perfect with grey shrug and blue jeans.

3. Floral under sheer: For a mysteriously sexy yet romantic look nothing looks better than floral under sheer. For a luch brunch go for pastel colour florals with simple sheer shrug finish the look with wedges.

4. Shades of a single colour: my whole outfit has shades of purple from earrings to wedges. Add shades of  a single colour in your outfit to dress up your jeans for the lunch brunch.

5. Add drama to dress up your jeans: dress up your jeans for a lunch brunch with perfect and bright accessories and dramatic shrug or top. Look for dramatic blouses like poetic blouses or Victorian blouses. You can also opt for fringe shrug or kimono style shrug. Add a little bit of drama to make your jeans ready for the party.

6. Braid it: Braids are fun. Well, since last 4 season braids are seen everywhere from bags to shoes, from necklace to dresses. Upgrade your lunch brunch look with braided accessories.

Let me know how was your weekend lunch brunch and what did you wear. Also let me know in the comments below how would you dress up your jeans.

Friday, 20 March 2015

How To Wear: Shimmer Top

I thought of not reaching for my Little Black Dress for couple of days and instead focus on those clothes that sit in the closet for years. So, yesterday for my friend's birthday party I reached for my Violet  Sequence Top from Sears of Canada. However before reaching for any Skirt, Jeans , or  Dress Pants I thought of going for my Pastel Flower Print Dress from Pantaloon of  India which I wore underneath the Top. To make my outfit look put together I reached for my Blush Pink Belt from Cats Eye of Bangladesh and tucked my Top in the Belt. Finally I finished the look with Strands Of Pearl from Pantaloon of India, a Watch and a messy side bun.

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How To Wear: Olive And Mint

Hey Fashionholics!

Olive and mint are two of my favourite colour from past two season of fall 2014 and summer 2014. However it's not that once the colour trend is over you cannot wear your favourite colour ever again. Update it with new and old accessories, plus try new layering trick to update your look.

Check out the outfit of the day to know more.

1. Wear olive over mint: for a slimming effect go for something in dark colour on top and light on bottom if you have a inverted triangle shape like me. Either way make sure your mint peeps out from under your olive. As mint is brighter and beautiful colour and olive is a dull colour give more attention to olive. Go for sheer olive shirt in dramatic sleeves and wear a mint corset or tank top underneath. Here I wore olive shrug with pleats on both sides over a shear lace mint tunic top. I also wore a print tank top in the same colour family (forest green) underneath the mint lace tunic.

2. Bright shoe with light bottoms: A light colour pant like this white skinny one looks great with bright shoe. So this floral printed wedge is perfect to balance my look. 

3. watch it: when all else fail rely on watch because it is indeed timeless!

4. Lace and Cotton: This spring utilise your power of feminine dressing in a different way. Pair different fabrics in different colour. Wear your mint and olive in different fabrics with and add different colours to this mint and olive combo. Here I went for olive cotton shrug and mint lace tunic with white skinny pants.

5. Peekaboo necklace: Until now you have heard of peekaboo clothes, let me now introduce peekaboo necklace. Surely the black and bubble one draws much attention here with its different shape bubbles in 4 different solid colours. But I layered it with a silver bubble necklace in similar shape bubbles to draw somewhat a little attention and adding a little bit of fun to my whole look.

6. Smart layering in spring/summer: if you want to layer in summer pick light weight fabrics in pastel or light colours. Or you can mix darker and lighter colour keeping your fabrics light with less texture. Go for white, pastel and lighter colours.

7. Statement Wedges: Instead of your usual pump shoe or platform this spring go for wedges in statement print or design. I opted for 3d floral printed wedges with my mint, olive and white outfit combination.

Let me know how would you wear this mint and olive colour combination in the comments section below.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Fashion Tips And Tricks: Spring Is For Fun Prints!

Hey Fashionholics!

Are you looking forward to spring?

Because spring is here and I was in a mood for dressing up in fun prints and lace, I opted for something like pastel yellow and white. So, this top is from Station 21 of Bangkadesh and this white midi skirt is from my favourite store Forever 21. I wanted the accessories to stand out so wore this beautiful chandelier earrings and blue cuff. As for shoes nothing beats the classic pointy toe black pumps.

Check out all the photos for more fashion tips.

1. Be romantic and creative: I love mixing romantic look with fun prints. I absolutely love this crazy prints, I literally have no idea what's this print...there are lots of ballons,hats, bottlees and potion bottles and it seems pretty fun and creative. The bonus point is the colour and gorgeous neckline. So, I wore this fun top with this white lace midi skirt from Forever 21 creating this romantic yet creative look.

2. Bright accessories with light skirt: With colours such as white and off white go for something bright if you want to make it look fun and season appropriate. So this blue cuff looks great with white midi lace skirt.

3. Office to party look: All the working Fashioniholics...listen up: This look is appropriate for office to party look. The trick in this outfit is the pencil midi skirt which gives enough coverage for office and at the same time the lace and fun print is a good decision for going out to a party. Remember to wear a simple understated blazer in solid colour ( black, white, navy blue, grey, beige, camel) while going to the office. Just ditch the blazer when going out to a party.

4. Too big is too perfect: pairing longer chandelier with smaller cuff or bracelet was so yesterday. This year remember that pairing two big items with understated outfit is absolutely okay.

5. Pay attention to necklines: Necklines could make or break your outfit. Sometimes play around with specific area other than focusing on the whole thing. Just make sure don't over do it. Do not go for choker or necklace if you are choosing anything like this one. Go for hoop earrings, long chandelier earrings or fringe earrings. However you may opt for long chain necklaces or pendants instead of shorter ones.

6. Bohemian + polished looks:  This spring season If you are dressing up for office and party at the same time, keep your outfit in light colours (maybe go for fun prints)  less shimmer, more polished....yet add a bit edgyness to the whole look. Therefore I choosed this boho inspired earrings to make the whole look easygoing and effortless.

 So, what's your spring look? Let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fashion Tips And Tricks: Green With Envy

Hey Fashionholics! 

I bought this full sleeved window pane check top just after my birthday and thought of giving it a try with these green skirt which was my Mom's silk sari. Yes! The advantage of having a Bangladeshi family with your mom having tons of vintage sari is you can simply take it from them or they are luckily handed down to you. Then you can design whatever you heart wants to and take them to your tailor.

So, today my outfit of the day is green with envy! 

And this outfit is constructed keeping in mind that Saint Patrick's Day is coming soon.

Read on to know more about this outfit.

1.  Search for vintages: Vintage items are classic, timeless and the most important advantage is that it is unique. So, I delved in to my moms wardrobe and found this beautiful silk sari which she used to wear during 80s, went to tailor and turned it in to a skirt. Broaden your horizon!

2. Tailor is your best freind: yes literally! A tailor who understands you instantly and can turn the most difficult task in to gorgeous masterpiece is the best tailor you can ever have. Look for good tailors who can make great stuff.

3. Contrasting shoe and skirt: This green spray print silk skirt looks good with my purple polka dot shoe. Try other contrasting print and colour like blue skirt and orange shoe, pink skirt with red shoe, yellow skirt with violet shoe,ikat print skirt and colour blocking heels, polka dot skirt and animal print shoe, animal print skirt and daisy print shoe.

4. Take a cross body clutch: try this new tip. Intead of going for cross body bag go for cross body clutch. In this case I went for black simple clutch with bow at the front.

5. Bigger metallic necklace draws attention to your face: you want your pretty face to be shown, right? So go for something gold or silver depending on which colour suits you. I think big chain necklaces are better if you want your face to glow.......I love my gold chain necklace though.

6. Wear your bracelet, bangle or cuff over your sleeves: your long sleeve top needs a makeover as well. Try this out.

7. Match your bracelet with your bottom half: A very tricky fashion tip to pull off. But do not over do it. Go for 1 big bracelet instead of multiples that matches your bottom.

8. Colour combo: do not fear anymore cause it is the year to break all the fashion rules. Try experimenting with different contrasting colours and even colours from the same family. So, my ootd has: White+red+green+purple.

9. Say yes to puffy midi: mid lengths are in vogue and so take advantage of them by wearing it in your style. Follow what suits you and at the same time try experimenting with new looks. Midi looks great with short sleeve to long sleeve, from poetic puffy sleeve to modern ones, from turtle neck to halter neck, from crew neck to boat neck. And look for puffy ones that makes you feel like a modern princess  and makes you the centre of attention.

10. Simple bag/clutch are not exactly simple: What I mean is you don't have to go for glitz and glam all the time. You can simply experiment something which you no longer wear anymore or which are sitting idly in your closet. Go for simple bag or clutch with your most fashion forward outfit.

11. Go crazy with prints: It doesn't matter much which prints you are choosing, it's all about your body proportions, better fit, right accessories and confidence. Firstly, check in the mirror whether you look bulky or too thin, shorter or longer. What I mean is go for prints that's gives better visual balance and emphasises your figure. Secondly, look for better fit and flattering yet trendy cut.  Thirdly balance the look with right accessories....wearing too little can make you underdressed and wearing too many is a big no no. So try couple of accessories in front of mirror before leaving your house. Finally confidence is the most necessary piece of "accessory" you need to have all the time.

12. Classic prints are always in: Whether it's stripe, gingham, plaids, checks, polka dots they always look new no matter how you wear it. They can be tried out with any trend, print and colour. They are classic and pretty. However instead of going for the usual polka dot blouse opt for polka dot accessories. So, I wore this purple polka dot bow shoe with my favourite vintage midi.

 These are the fashion tips of today. Let me know whether you like these tips or not in the comments section below.
Be fashion forward....xoxo.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mix & Match: Houndstooth + Geometric Print + Sheen

Hey There!...Have you wondered how to combine the trends from present and past season in one outfit? It's pretty simple.
Today I wore my all time favourite houndstooth pants from FnF of Thailand. Since I m bored of wearing it with button down shirt, feminine blouses or tees; I swapped those with two tops...yes you heard it right. I layered sheen plunging top over my favourite black and white window panel print top from Suzy Sheer of Canada. I added a pair of statement earrings from Aldo and mid calf black booties from Globo Shoes to complete my look.

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Mixing Trends: 50s Mini & 70s Fringe

Hi Fashionholics!

It is quite interesting to mix old and new trends. Did you ever try mixing two vintage items? Like mini skirt of 50s with fringe of 70s. Well that's what I have done today in today's outfit. So my outfit of the day includes turtle neck marsala top with grey shrug, bright orange polka dot mini skirt, fringe earring layered necklace and finished my look with side ponytail and coral lipstick.

Keep on reading to know more about tips on mixing trends

1. A bright colour like orange looks great with dark colour like marsala and this fashion advice never goes out of style!!!

2. Try mixing two different trends from different times!!! So I went for 50s polka dot skirt with 70s fringe earrings. Not necessarily you have to go for polka dot and fringe earrings. You can try 40s midi dress with 90s choker, or you can try mixing 80s and 70s like going for all black ensemble by wearing a black flare pant and peasant top.

3. Bare your hands! Try wearing earrings and necklace....instead of going for the usual like earrings and bracelet/cuff/bangle ....or necklace and bracelet/bangle/cuff.

4.  Match your earring with your top, blouse or's the cherry on the top.

5.  The yellow stone against marsala base looks great. If you want your accessories to stand out go for something contrasting or strikingly different colour.

6.  Metallic bag like this envelope one is timeless and would never go out of style.

7.  Instead of wearing your shrug over your top try wearing it underneath a turtle neck top, crew neck top etc.

8. Match your lipstick with your outfit. This is a very much 90s fashion advice. In this case I choosed to mix my orange lipstick with my bottom part of the outfit: the polka dot orange skirt.

9. Layered long necklace looks great with turtle neck blouse or top.

Let me know how you would mix trends from different times and comment on what you think about my outfit of the day!


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