Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fashion Tips And Tricks: Green With Envy

Hey Fashionholics! 

I bought this full sleeved window pane check top just after my birthday and thought of giving it a try with these green skirt which was my Mom's silk sari. Yes! The advantage of having a Bangladeshi family with your mom having tons of vintage sari is you can simply take it from them or they are luckily handed down to you. Then you can design whatever you heart wants to and take them to your tailor.

So, today my outfit of the day is green with envy! 

And this outfit is constructed keeping in mind that Saint Patrick's Day is coming soon.

Read on to know more about this outfit.

1.  Search for vintages: Vintage items are classic, timeless and the most important advantage is that it is unique. So, I delved in to my moms wardrobe and found this beautiful silk sari which she used to wear during 80s, went to tailor and turned it in to a skirt. Broaden your horizon!

2. Tailor is your best freind: yes literally! A tailor who understands you instantly and can turn the most difficult task in to gorgeous masterpiece is the best tailor you can ever have. Look for good tailors who can make great stuff.

3. Contrasting shoe and skirt: This green spray print silk skirt looks good with my purple polka dot shoe. Try other contrasting print and colour like blue skirt and orange shoe, pink skirt with red shoe, yellow skirt with violet shoe,ikat print skirt and colour blocking heels, polka dot skirt and animal print shoe, animal print skirt and daisy print shoe.

4. Take a cross body clutch: try this new tip. Intead of going for cross body bag go for cross body clutch. In this case I went for black simple clutch with bow at the front.

5. Bigger metallic necklace draws attention to your face: you want your pretty face to be shown, right? So go for something gold or silver depending on which colour suits you. I think big chain necklaces are better if you want your face to glow.......I love my gold chain necklace though.

6. Wear your bracelet, bangle or cuff over your sleeves: your long sleeve top needs a makeover as well. Try this out.

7. Match your bracelet with your bottom half: A very tricky fashion tip to pull off. But do not over do it. Go for 1 big bracelet instead of multiples that matches your bottom.

8. Colour combo: do not fear anymore cause it is the year to break all the fashion rules. Try experimenting with different contrasting colours and even colours from the same family. So, my ootd has: White+red+green+purple.

9. Say yes to puffy midi: mid lengths are in vogue and so take advantage of them by wearing it in your style. Follow what suits you and at the same time try experimenting with new looks. Midi looks great with short sleeve to long sleeve, from poetic puffy sleeve to modern ones, from turtle neck to halter neck, from crew neck to boat neck. And look for puffy ones that makes you feel like a modern princess  and makes you the centre of attention.

10. Simple bag/clutch are not exactly simple: What I mean is you don't have to go for glitz and glam all the time. You can simply experiment something which you no longer wear anymore or which are sitting idly in your closet. Go for simple bag or clutch with your most fashion forward outfit.

11. Go crazy with prints: It doesn't matter much which prints you are choosing, it's all about your body proportions, better fit, right accessories and confidence. Firstly, check in the mirror whether you look bulky or too thin, shorter or longer. What I mean is go for prints that's gives better visual balance and emphasises your figure. Secondly, look for better fit and flattering yet trendy cut.  Thirdly balance the look with right accessories....wearing too little can make you underdressed and wearing too many is a big no no. So try couple of accessories in front of mirror before leaving your house. Finally confidence is the most necessary piece of "accessory" you need to have all the time.

12. Classic prints are always in: Whether it's stripe, gingham, plaids, checks, polka dots they always look new no matter how you wear it. They can be tried out with any trend, print and colour. They are classic and pretty. However instead of going for the usual polka dot blouse opt for polka dot accessories. So, I wore this purple polka dot bow shoe with my favourite vintage midi.

 These are the fashion tips of today. Let me know whether you like these tips or not in the comments section below.
Be fashion forward....xoxo.

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