Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mixing Trends: 50s Mini & 70s Fringe

Hi Fashionholics!

It is quite interesting to mix old and new trends. Did you ever try mixing two vintage items? Like mini skirt of 50s with fringe of 70s. Well that's what I have done today in today's outfit. So my outfit of the day includes turtle neck marsala top with grey shrug, bright orange polka dot mini skirt, fringe earring layered necklace and finished my look with side ponytail and coral lipstick.

Keep on reading to know more about tips on mixing trends

1. A bright colour like orange looks great with dark colour like marsala and this fashion advice never goes out of style!!!

2. Try mixing two different trends from different times!!! So I went for 50s polka dot skirt with 70s fringe earrings. Not necessarily you have to go for polka dot and fringe earrings. You can try 40s midi dress with 90s choker, or you can try mixing 80s and 70s like going for all black ensemble by wearing a black flare pant and peasant top.

3. Bare your hands! Try wearing earrings and necklace....instead of going for the usual like earrings and bracelet/cuff/bangle ....or necklace and bracelet/bangle/cuff.

4.  Match your earring with your top, blouse or's the cherry on the top.

5.  The yellow stone against marsala base looks great. If you want your accessories to stand out go for something contrasting or strikingly different colour.

6.  Metallic bag like this envelope one is timeless and would never go out of style.

7.  Instead of wearing your shrug over your top try wearing it underneath a turtle neck top, crew neck top etc.

8. Match your lipstick with your outfit. This is a very much 90s fashion advice. In this case I choosed to mix my orange lipstick with my bottom part of the outfit: the polka dot orange skirt.

9. Layered long necklace looks great with turtle neck blouse or top.

Let me know how you would mix trends from different times and comment on what you think about my outfit of the day!


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