Friday, 6 March 2015

Fashion Tips And Tricks: Crazy is in!

Hey Fashionholics!
Crazy is in and what I mean by this statement is being fashion craze by opting for something you have never tried before or something that looks out of your comfort zone but actually isn't. I am talking about dangerously clashing prints, head to toe metallic, futuristic fashion and other fashion forward looks.

I feel like I could write about this particular trend of "going out of your comfort zone look"all day long and might bring this "crazy is in"part 2 article sometime later towards the end of this year or beginning of next year. For now let's focus on what the latest street style experts are up to with their outfits and how they prefer to style their basic pieces in their closet.....

Check out all the pictures which are taken from fashion sources like Stockholm street style, London Fashion week, Paris Fashion week and other street style photos.

Let me know how would you wear the trends and tips mentioned below.

1.  Two different colour checks that has big check sizes would be horrendous on some people. Here, what I could pinpoint in this photo is that she decided to follow " loud prints but no jewelleries " which turned out to be extremely well. She tried to balance the look with going for animal print shoe which I think goes pretty well with checks and floral prints. The other thing that gave her look a plus point is blazer cause black or navy blazer is truely a timeless piece. Plus it gives you confidence and elegance.
Fashion Tip: Checks on Checks+animal print+blazer

2.  Different colour butterflies all over your pants? No? Not your thing? It might be a style from the future? Well trousers like this are absolutely cute and comfortable way to style your blouses, shirts, tops and cardigans. In this case she went for chambray shirt reminding me about the 70s era. Want some attitude in your look? Tuck your shirt loosely or keep one side untucked and casual giving it more like 70s feel. Bonus thing in this outfit  is definitely that red shades and sneakers. And again I said before all you need is attitude to finish this look.
Fashion Tip: Denim+butterfly print+sneakers+fun shades

3.  Omg! Graffiti all over your coat? It's for those who are not soft hearted and want to try living their life differently and giving it a whole new meaning. Its basically for those who want to express themselves. It's also for those who wants to have fun and doesn't take fashion seriously.... If you are the one then look for fun texts written on a coat. You might look for something that matches your personality. What I love about her look is that she kept it feminine and at the same time she went for something edgy like those black shoes. Plus I love that tangerine and emerald colour blocking bag which I m sure is the cenre of attention.

Fashion Tip: Graffiti print+colour blocking+edgy accessories 

4.  Sight seeing? Lift up your mood with fun dressing in comfortable way. Mix up three different colour and patterns or you can just forget the pattern and stick to colour only if you want to be on the safe side. What I love about this look is how she paired her yellow top with a contrasting green blazer and finishing off her look with sleek belt and oxfords.
Fashion Tip: 3 different colours+belt+oxfords 

5.  A whole new level of fashion is what every designer wants. Crazy textures like flapper jacket? Hit and diss the same time. This look is a hit because of turtle neck long tunic looks amazing with the flapper jacket. The choice of Ivory jacket is perfect to offset the loud print of tunic.......However the down side of this look is  slouchy fitted jeans and oxford...... It's a total diss! It could have been better with dark washed skinny jeans and high heels like stilettos or a strappy number to make the long tunic and flapper jacket look better and stylish.
Fashion Tip: Turtle neck tunic top+crazy textures

6.  Leopard necklace is only for the brave heart. For perfecting the crazy fashion trend like wild accessories go for something like shimmer and a pop of colour and finish of the look with a basic staple. I love how her leopard necklace shines over her basic teal sweatshirt. The best part about her look is that she did not exactly followed the matchy matchy trend. Even though the colour of her skirt and her leopard necklace matches she went for something like orange pump to make it look like she picked it randomly out of her closet. It's all about having fun with your accessories making the whole ensemble look put together.
Fashion Tip: basic staple+shimmer skirt+pop of colour+wild accessories 

Let me know in the comment which of the look above is your favourite and how you would master this crazy fashion trend and be fashion forward. I would also love to know what other crazy fashion trends have you pulled off and got compliments.....xoxo.

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