Friday, 13 March 2015

Trends To Try: Christian Dior AW 2015

Hey Fashionholic!
Which AW 2015 trends are you most excited to try?
Well, in Christian Dior models walked in smokey eyes side pony tail and shiny boots

Check out the trends below.

1.  Art inspired: They were not brush strokes exactly but it was inspired by painting and most were dark colours like burgundy, brown, mustard etc.
2. Shiny boots: there were shiny over the knee boots and ankle boots.
Fashion Tip: Try art inspired trend top with culottes and shiny boots.

3.  Car Wash Skirt: Car Wash Skirt are the multiple slits skirts that are daring and a must try with tights.
4.  Jewelled collar: A simple button shirt with jewelled collar were showcased on the runway.
Fashion Tip: Reinvent your work attire with jewelled collar button downs shirt and Car Wash Skirt. The key is to tone the look down with black blazer and simple pump.

5. Cropped pant with suit: Suit up with this new trend!
Fashion Tip: wear it with loafers for a menswear inspired look.

6. Tweed dress: Forget tweet jacket and go for tweed dress.
Fashion Tip: Try box clutch and long sleeveless vest with this look.

7. Shine on with iridescent : be glam head to toe and show your daring side with iridescent material 
Fashion Tip: Next time you go to cocktail party forget your little black dress and try shiny separates.

Christian Dior surely taught us how to reinvent work attire and party attire. Let me know how would you wear this trend.

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