Friday, 27 March 2015

Pick Of The Day: Fruity Maxi Dress

Hey Fashionholics!!!

It's fruity and it's trendy....check out my new maxi dress! The flowy maxi dress in fruity print is absolutely perfect for spring. I went for my usual favourite spiky wedges and white cardigan. I wanted the necklace and bag to stand out I opted for this unique Egyptian style necklace and snakes skin animal print bag. 

Read to know more about this spring outfit of mine.

1. Push up the sleeves of your cardigan: As I have mentioned earlier in my old post spring is for fun prints, I am sticking with what I said before.....this time I choosed fruity maxi dress which has big green apple prints. I added an extra glamorous item like this white cardigan and pushed up my sleeves to give it a laid back look.

2. Wedges + maxi dress: this 70s fashion tip should be noted because this season is all about 70s with lots of colour and interesting trends like suede, fringe, flare pants and flare jeans.

3. Take your bag as your clutch: carry your bag as your clutch and take off or hide the satchel inside your bag. 

4. Go for Egyptian style: this necklace reminds me of beautiful Egypt and cleopatra and is absolutely perfect for your night out with freinds or dinner date.

5. A messy bun is always fun: messy bun adds mysteriously sexy look to any outfit and goes with flowy and feminine dress. When in doubt try this fabulous easy and fuss free hairstyle.

6. Animal print + fruity print: try this trend out and mix and match prints like trendsetter....mix fruity prints with animal print to add little bit of edgyness to your spring outfit.

Tell me what is your pick of the day....and how would you wear fruity print and maxi dresses this spring??? Let me know in the comments below.


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