Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Trend Alert: Black Maxi Skirt

Hello Fashionholics! 

Today I would like to share how  to wear the trend maxi skirt. The combination of maxi skirt with butterfly sleeves gives the whole look a feminine yet bohemian look. So, my ootd includes maxi skirt, butterfly sleeves baby pink top, an ivory bag, green cuff, 90s inspired earrings and clogs.

Read on to know more about the timeless trend, the black maxi skirt.

1. Ruffle detail looks great if it's light colour. Darker ruffles are good as well but if you want to stand out from the crowd go for ruffle blouse in light colour.

2. Mix Green with baby pink. This unexpected colour combo looks great with solid colour incorporated in them.

3. The rule of "less is more" never goes out. When it comes to make up or defining your best face structure nothing is better than following less is more make up trend. When you are running errands your favourite lipstick, mascara and eye liner works wonder. Dab a little bid of moisturiser ( it should be really little) all over your face. You can also go for hydrating serum if you want to avoid moisturiser in summer.

4. Play with your sleeves. Enough of boring sleeves this spring try new sleeve trends like butterfly sleeves, balloon sleeves and dramatic poetic sleeves.

5. Try the stunning 90s earring trend. Such bigger unique earrings were common during 90s and I think they are pretty unique.

6. Maxi can be worn with clogs: yes! Why not? If you are bored trying wedges go for old-fashioned clog heels.

Let me know how would you wear your black maxi skirt and what are your fashion tips? 

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