Friday, 17 April 2015

Look Of The Week: Rush Hour

Hi, fashion lovers!

What's your look of the week? 

As promised I decided to bring my "look of the week" every Saturday and talk about the best way to achieve and steal the look.....

So, today I thought of bringing you something that you face atleast 5 days a week. The look is for those who are currently working, or in 9 to 5 job, or in a formal office and you have to wake up early in the morning to finish your morning task and get ready as fast as you could to reach your work place. It's for all those busy moms, wives, sister, daughters and all those women who get little or maybe no time to dress up appropriately or in a stylish way.

So, The look of the week is.........Rush Hour....or more appropriately I must say that this week's look is to help you dress up when you are in a rush to get out of your house.

Something you need to remind yourself is to plan ahead your outfit and if otherwise you didn't plan yours; go for those items that fit perfectly when you are in a rush. 

Before you check out the list of dos and don't of dressing up when you are in a rush, here are a few of wardrobe staples every women must possess in their closet:  

1. Fitted tailored shirt in solid and basic colours
2. Tailored shirt in different colours, prints, patterns and texture.
3. Feminine blouse to dress up your office appropriate skirt.
4. Plain T-shirt to wear underneath your classic blazer.
5. Knee-length dresses ( the hemline cuts just at the knee which is both appropriate for petite and tall)
6. Midi dresses
7. Pencil skirt in solid and basic colours
8. Pencil Skirt in different colours, prints, patterns and texture.
9. Tailored Blazer in basic colours
10. Tailored blazer in prints and bright colour
11. Cute cardigan/Tailored Sweater
12. Leather Jacket
13. Suit in solid and basic colours 
14. Monochromic ensemble 
15. Watch
16. Statement necklace
17. Hoop earrings
18. Little black dress
19. Red Lipstick
20. Trench Coat
21. Black Pump shoe
22. Wedges
23. Platform Heels
24. Mascara
25. Perfume
26. Straight leg jeans
27. Skinny Jeans
28. Nice cuff or bracelets
29. Nice Functional yet stylish bag
30. Few trendy items

However when you have only five minutes to get ready and get out of your door, you tend to choose the wrong clothes for yourself.

Here is what to avoid when you are in a rush: 

1. Trends that you have never tried
2. Too much tight fitted outfit
3. Too much of slouchy trend is a big no no....
4. earrings that are shoulder length 
5. Flashy or shiny outfit
6. Heels which you are not comfortable with 
7. Too small bags or clutch
8. Too much makeup 

Here is what to opt for when you are in a rush: 

1. Nicely Fitted clothes
2. Stretchable pencil skirt or jeans
3. Bags that are easy to carry and has both shorter and longer satchel
4. Comfortable shirt or blouse
5. Only one statement accessories 
6. Your favourite comfortable could be wedges or platform heels.

Here is my look of the week.... Read on to know more about this outfit.

Vertical Striped shirt looks great for petite and makes you look leaner and longer.

 If you want to wear less accessories go for print on print look. 

Choose a printed stretchable pencil skirt for your work attire if you want to feel comfortable yet stylish. Avoid full skirt or A-line if your workplace is a conservative one. 

To walk around comfortably avoid stilettos and opt for platform or wedges.
Invest in medium size functional bag that had both long or short satchel or go for longer satchel.

Finish off your look with either statement necklace or cuff.

Your makeup should be minimal. Therefore mascara and your favourite lipstick are sufficient.

So, this is my look of the week. Let me know what would you wear when you are in a rush. And also let me know whether you like this week's 'look of the week'. 


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