Thursday, 9 April 2015

Trends To Try: Darek Lam Aw15

Hey Fashionholics!

 Darek Lam show in NFW showcased gorgeous warm colours which I absolutely adore and those gorgeous models made me feel like investing in sleeveless coats and judo belts this coming autumn/winter 2015. 

So, this are my favourite trends to try this aw 15 from Darek Lam and I might add some surprising element or mix up both spring and autumn trends in some of these favourite trends of mine. 

Check out all these trends below and let me know what you think.

1. Functional yet stylish: A coat that is functional yet stylish gives you the advantage of keeping you warm and happy at the same time! 
Fashion Tip: If you are bored of one your old cold change the buttons,go to the tailor add some fur collar. For the most daring ones out there you can take it to the tailor and add unexpected embroidery or even cutworks at the bottom or on your sleeves.

2. Warm tones: warm tones are definitely my colours and colours such as mustard, almond, toasty almond, camel, brown, chocolate brown, beige are huge for AW15. 
Fashion Tip: if warmer tones are not your thing and doesn't suit you but you are thinking of experimenting with any of these colours make sure they are away from your face. Try going for colours that suits you near your face and mostly top part and go for warmer tones at the bottom. Otherwise there is always the accessories you can play with.....Wear warmer tones as your accessories like go for chocolate brown round toe shoes.

3. Sleek and clean: sleek and cleen fabrics are for those who believes in lots of work and no play. What I mean is its for the practical lady with style which portrays elegance.
Fashion Tip: keep it casual sometimes. Sleek fabric and clean silhouette looks great with undone messy hair....

4. Judo belt: The trend has been seen in PFW15, NFW15, MFW15 and LFW15 and I still cannot get over it.
Fashion Tip: I think it's best suited with coat but you can also try it over your long slip dress and cardigan.

5. Sleeveless Coat: Finally it's the trend of the year and I think one of the most talked about trend of AW15 runways.
Fashion Tip: wear your summer staple during fall when it's not very much chilly out there. Try a long full sleeve cotton shirt dress underneath your sleeveless coat and finish the look with lace up colourful shoe.

Trends come and go but we have to wear it in such a way to make it look unique and effortlessly put together. Let me know which trend is your favourite and how you would wear it. And also if you find this post productive and fun please make sure you comment below.

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