Saturday, 25 April 2015

Look Of The Week: Beach Wedding

Hey Fashionholics!

Look of the week is here and just like every Saturday, this Saturday I brought some fun way to tackle your outfit dilemmas. Since it's hot out there and you are sure to throw or receive lots of party invitation, it's better to note down some last minute outfit ideas or any other wardrobe and style tips from your favourite site. I would suggest Instyle and Who What Wear since they are the best at giving the most unique and mind blowing fashion tips you can ever think of.....

So, fashion lovers what are your plan this summer? Summer is all about beaches, rides and fun at the pool parties and its also the best time for wedding.

So, Today my "look of the week" is .....drumroll....drumroll.....beach wedding.

Got any wedding invitation yet? This summer if you are invited to any beach wedding go for a long sleeve short number and add unique accessories.

Read on to know more about this look.
Check out my tips to be the most unique and stylish wedding guest of summer.

1. While there would be many who would choose halter and strapless dresses in knee length, try a mini dress instead with long sleeve.
2. The more crazy prints the better. But do not overdo it. Go for a statement making printed dress like this Zara mini dress with long sleeves.
3. Cocktail ring sets look cool with anything, try something like this aquamarine or blue if you want to create a perfect match with the setting.
4. Head bands are not only super cute but keeps your hair away from your face. For a windy beach night wedding choose something like the one above.
5. I love clutches that are unique and goes with your dress. Have fun with accessories this summer season by going for something that matches your outfit. Notice both the dress and clutch print looks similar.
6. However both the clutch and the dress have contrasting colour (black and white).....and similar size prints definitely makes the outfit look spectacular.
7. It's ok to go for white even if you are not the bride. The trick is to go for fun prints and embellishments.
8. Flats are for the beach since there might be the possiblility of music and dance all night....I suggest going for metallic flats like the Zara one above.

So, these are the tips for looking your best at the beach wedding without looking better than the bride!!! 

So, let me know what you think about my tips and also let me know in the comments if you want to add any of your tips to this short list.

Hope to hear from you soon and stay tuned coz next week would be another fabulous "look of the week" helping you with the best outfit solution.


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