Friday, 10 April 2015

Look Of The Week: Meeting His Parents

Hello!!! Fashionholics! 

It's weekend! Starting today every Saturday I am going to bring Look of the week. 

What you are going to find here is an easy solution to what you would be wearing to a particular occasion, event, on weekend or just on a casual day. 

So, today, "my look of the week" is.......drumroll.....drumroll......."Meeting His Parents" 

So, many of us who are meeting our date's parents have encountered this situation of fretting over whether to go conservative or dress up according to what your boyfreind thinks is right. Well, some of us would go extreme and dress up like plain Jane to impress his parents. On the other hand there are rest of us who do not care about whatever people think and would bring out the inner diva by opting for something unexpected! So, what happens in the end either we end up being overdressed or underdressed.

 Do not fret it's time to take the matter in our hands and bring about a permanent change in the way we all dress up when meeting his parents. 

So, I take it as a challenge to come up with a style solution for all the Fashionholics out there.

So, the first question you ask.........
Should I go for conservative?
My answer: Yes, but with a touch of modernism
Second question you ask.......
Should I go for trend or basic?
My answer: Balancing both
Your Third and final question might be......
What should I wear when I don't know how his parents are or what they prefer?
My answer: timeless pieces with a touch of your very own style statement.

So, I am here to give fashion advice to those of you who are invited to meet your boyfriend's parents for the first time. Well, the situation is pretty pressurized for those of you who do not know the place where you would be meeting them. 

So, my step by step fashion rules are: 

1. A timeless peasant style blouse in solid colour is perfect
2. Too many bracelets and accessories are distracting, so a big no no.
3. A statement necklace is a yes! Make sure it's not clashing with your want it to be visible.
4. Since midi pencil skirts are feminine and conservative,it's an appropriate choice.
5. Mixing prints are fun! Go for a printed skirt and printed bag like this polka dot one below.
6. When choosing your shoe go for basic colour like black, white or brown in comfortable material 
7. If you are on the shorter side, prints that are vertical are mandatory for you ( check out the skirt below) 
8. To be on the safe side contrasting colour always works than clashing one like this yellow skirt and Crimson top.
9. Remember that platform elongates your leg and are comfortable to walk around.
10. Add your own style can be orange lips, polka dot bag, moto jacket...etc.

However if you are not a skirt person, go for dress pants, cigarette pants or even culotte, the trick is to balance one trendy item with a timeless one. Always go for heels until you know that the place you are going to meet them is an outdoorsy one. Finally the biggest and the most cliche fashion tip is known by all of's to be yourself and smile. 

So, this was the very first look of the week....hoping to hear from you soon. Let me know what you like about this weeks "look of the week" and also what other "look of the week" you want me to blog about.


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