Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mix And Match: Handkerchief Print + Floral Print

Hey Fashionholics!

If you have to mix two different prints in your outfit what would you choose?

Well, today I went for handkerchief print top and floral stud earrings.

absolutely adore my handkerchief print top bought from a store called Artisan of Bangladesh. I wanted to make it stand out and thought of going for something dark in the bottom.

So, today my ootd includes my new handkerchief print top, tights, mustard shoe and navy blue peplum skirt. I kept the whole look simple by adding only one statement accessory, my floral print ear stud! 

Check out my look below and please comment.

Fashion Tip: pink + navy + mustard

Fashion Tip: handkerchief print + floral print

Fashion Tip: ballerina style pump + peplum 

Let me know what you think about my outfit above and whether you would mix these two prints or not.

 Hope to hear from you soon.


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