Saturday, 25 April 2015

Travel In Style

Hey Fashionholics!

I am back in Toronto and I feel it would be difficult for me to adjust for some time since I was living in a warm country, Bangladesh. It is still cold out there with minimum 4 degrees and maximum of 11 degrees Celsius. The temperature is going to increase in the next couple of days...phew...welcome summer.

These are the photos taken at the airport just before boarding. Hope you guys like my travel outfit which feels comfortable yet stylish.

Read on to know more about my outfit in details.

1. I tend to go for bigger bucket bag in basic colours with lots of compartments and pockets every time I travel. This is because a big bag in necessary while traveling to carry all the required documents,passport and boarding pass, pen, lipstick,deodorant etc. it's also better to choose colours like black cause it literally goes with everything and so the colour is said to be universal.
My bag is from Kohls and the brand is Seinna Richi.

2.  Layering is must when I am traveling since the airports are cold and I don't want to freeze to death. I usually go for longer ones that cover my knee. Want to travel in style? Choose a printed sleeveless summer coat (if you are travelling during end of spring or start of summer) that has A-line shapped at the bottom.
The dressy coat is from Lotus , Bankok and the brand is FnF.

3. It is absolutely necessary to feel comfortable in what you are wearing especially at the airports. If there is  a long journey ahead the clothes must feel comfortable like being born in them and at the same make a statement by choosing something that stands out from the crowd. Culottes and crop top are cute and comfy. Crop top is the most trendiest item of last three seasons and culotte being the most favourite trend of  springs/summer 2015, I thougt of trying this combination of old trend (crop top) and new trend (culotte) out while traveling. And I must say I love what I am wearing!
The colour block crop top is from Urban Planet and the culotte are from the streets of London.

4.  Forgot sneakers go for loafers the next time you guys are travelling. If I have to define this particular shoe it would be: you can walk around all day long comfortably and stylishly! My black and white zebra print leather loafers are super comfy and matches  perfectly with my dressy coat. Want a style tip for today? Match your summer coat with your shoe.
The loafers are from Hush Puppies.

I finished off my look with pearl bracelet and a small ruby pendant, and with little bit of lip gloss I was good to go. 

Anyways let me know whether you like my latest post and outfits and please comment about how you would travel in style.

Eager to hear from you guys soon...

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